After reading the article at the following link, which was posted on Facebook by someone I know, I decided a response was in order.

The following is my initial response.  I may add more to it later:

Israel has considered a united Jerusalem to be a fundamental part of Israel for, well, millennia. When Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City, in 1967, they annexed it.

The West Bank and Gaza are a different story. Israelis are definitely divided internally over whether or not there should be settlements in the West Bank, and even whether it should be considered part of “Greater Israel” or “Occupied Territories”, but you will find VERY few who will agree for even a microsecond that Jerusalem should be divided, or should be a shared capitol with a group that steadfastly denies Israel’s right to exist, and in all official documentation, still claims ALL of Israel.

Jerusalem has ALWAYS been the heart of Israel, long before Islam was even a glint in Muhammed’s eye. There has been a continuous Jewish presence there for thousands of years…. See More

It is interesting to me that the world doesn’t give a crap about most other areas of conflict, but this one is always front page news. Frankly, the left’s support of
tyrannical, misogynistic, homophobic dictatorships, as long as they oppose Israel, which, let’s face it, IS a Democracy, baffles me.

(My response was written to a gay friend).  (Gay friend), were you to attempt to live openly in most of the Middle East, you would be either run out of the country or worse. Yet, you seek to legitimize another government of “more of the same”, under the premise that there is some intrinsic right of the Palestinian “people” for statehood and that Israel has somehow robbed them of this right.

Where was this mythical state? When did it exist? Who ruled it? Who took it away?

It was part of an Islamic caliphate for awhile, then part of the Ottoman Empire until WWI, then part of the British Mandate, then was captured and held by Jordan (another country created artificially after WWII) until 1967.

Yes, people were displaced from their homes, which is truly (and yes, I mean it) tragic.

Do you also have concern for the 800,000 or so Jews who were kicked out of the Arab countries, with nothing, between 1947-1953? Or, because they were absorbed by Israel, they don’t count? Who has THEIR homes and property?

My ex-wife’s family left Iraq in 1951. Left all their homes, vehicles, belongings, bank accounts, etc. behind in the wake of Jews being strung up from lampposts. Don’t they count?

But, let’s face it – Israel has a right to exist, and they’re not going to vote themselves out of existence, nor are they going to give up what they consider to be an inseparable part of Israel that is central to Judaism.

Israel has been willing for 60 years to sit down at a table and negotiate, with no pre-conditions whatsoever.  The Arabs have never been willing to do so.  The two conspicuous exceptions to this rule were Egypt, under Anwar Sadat (who was assassinated for his trouble), and Jordan, under King Hussein.  There are states of uneasy “peace”, as well as commercial ties with both countries.

To expect otherwise is to ask them to commit suicide, which apparently would make most of the world happy. What’s a few less Jews in the world…..

The Palestinians have squandered every attempt to settle the conflict, always demanding more, demanding many pre-conditions before negotiating, initiating violence against civilians on countless occasions (including long before 1967 and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza), and in reality, don’t appear to want peace or a state, unless it encompasses all of what is today Israel.

While I have sympathy for the Palestinians as individuals, I have very little for them as a “nation”.