My name is John.  I’m a middle aged man living in the Northern Midwestern United States (in Michigan).

I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, although I’ve been accused of both by many people.

Politically, I consider myself to be somewhere in the middle.  On some issues, I lean right, on some, left, but on most, I side with whichever position seems most logical to me.

In my blog, I intend, as time and my inclination permit, to express my views on a variety of subjects such as health care, the Middle East, terrorism, government, and whatever strikes my fancy.

If you decide to read my blog, I welcome you, and I welcome your comments and suggestions for subjects.
But, be warned – I make no apologies for the opinions I hold and express.

I hope I won’t offend anyone, and if I do because I’ve worded something poorly or inadvertently stepped over a line, I will apologize.

If you’re simply offended by the views I hold, though, too bad!  Start your own blog!

John Poris

March 13, 2010