The following, although they may appear trite, and “cliche-ish”, describe in a nutshell how I feel about gun control, second amendment rights, and a private citizen’s right to protect him or herself and his or her family.

  • When seconds count, don’t worry, the police are only minutes away!
  • I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.
  • Gun control is like trying to stop drunk driving by making it more difficult for sober drivers to buy cars.
  • Self-Defense – A Basic Human Right
  • If You Outlaw Guns Only Outlaws Will Have Them
  • Crooks Don’t Register Their Guns
  • Criminals Love Gun Control – It Gives Them A Safe Work Environment
  • Cities With The Most Gun Control (e.g. Washington D.C.) have theĀ  Highest Crime Rates
  • A Gun in the Hand is Better than a Cop on the Phone
  • Better to Have a Gun and Not Need it, than to Need a Gun and Not Have it
  • I’m a Burglar’s Worst Nightmare – An Armed Citizen