What Have The Palestinians Conceded?

I’m confused.

In all the articles I see, the world is up in arms over Israel declaring that they are going to build additional housing units in a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The US and the world are demanding concession after concession from Israel, so that the Palestinians can be enticed to come to “Indirect Talks” – note that that’s “Indirect”, not even face to face.

Israel has frozen new settlement activity in the West Bank, pulled out of Gaza, pulled out of Sinai (giving it up to Egypt), conceded control of the towns and cities in the West Bank to Palestinian government (keeping security and roads under their security wing), and is being pilloried for defending themselves in the South against rocket fire from Gaza.

What have the Palestinians conceded?  What are their concessions?

Yes, they’re the underdog.  So what?

The Israelis have said for many, many years that they will sit down face to face with the Palestinians (or any Arab government) with an open agenda.

They have not demanded “pre-conditions” to negotiation.

By what cockeyed scale is a negotiation for peace only the responsibility of Israel?  At what point does the world recognize that the Palestinians have not conceded anything, and are simply sitting back, waiting for the rest of the world to bully Israel into deeper and deeper concessions?

Within the Palestinian territories, anti-semitism (anti-Jew) reigns supreme.  Terrorists are deified, squares are named after them, and frankly, there doesn’t seem to be any real desire for peace with Israel.  Hell, the Palestinians refuse to even recognize that Israel exists.

So, my question is, what are the Palestinians prepared to do to gain peace?

For an interesting summary of the situation, go to:



One thought on “What Have The Palestinians Conceded?

  1. There will be no peace with the Arab world or the Palestinians until they recognize Israel as the Jewish State.At the moment that does not seem to be in the near future. The Palestinians have been winning inthe court of world opinion.
    I do not understand the rationale of our government accepting the policy of the Palestinians and Jordan that Jews, not just Israeli Jews, or religous Jews but any and all Jews cannot live in Arab Lands, now or in the future. The current situation, re building in Jerusalem, accepts that a claim to eventual ownership of parts of Jerusalem, automatically excludes Jews forever, is contrarty to all laws re discriminataion in the USA. We should demand that Jews can build or live in Jerusalem and the west bank until borders are negotiated. Once a new state is a reality people living within those borders must have the option of becoming citizrens regardless of race, creed etc. They should be free to move, as will the non Jews living within the new borders of Israel. To accept less, is to endorse the current anti Semitic laws of Jordan and other Arab states. No American should endorse shuch apartheit type laws.

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