In the last few days, there continues to be significant uproar, blame cast on Israel for somehow endangering American lives, finger-pointing at Israel for somehow blocking the noble goal of a two-state “solution”, and much more.

I would like to point out that the “two state solution” was historically intended as a means of obtaining peace between Israel and the Palestinians, never as an end in itself.

As an isolated goal, it certainly has no benefit to Israel one way or another.  The only ones who benefit directly from it are the Palestinians, unless, of course, having their own state somehow lessens their apparent inclinations to perpetuate blood libels against Jews all over the world and their stated aims of one day conquering all of what is today Israel.

It’s astounding to me that the same US government officials who castigate Israel and demand “concessions” from them are apparently struck dumb and blind when it comes to the Arab and Muslim world’s inability to even acknowledging the existence (and right to exist) of a Jewish country.

Their blathering about “Apartheid” is ridiculous in every sense of the word, given the lack of freedoms given to minorities in ANY Arab country.

The Jews are discriminatory?

Hmmmm.  In Israel, Arabs are citizens of the state, with full rights and responsibilities of all citizens (with the exception of military service).  There are Arab political parties with Arab representatives in the Knesset, Arabs can live anywhere in the country without restriction, can buy and sell property anywhere they like, can work for any company they like, go to university at the country’s schools, and generally do anything a Jew can do in Israel.

Is there discrimination on a personal level?  Yes, there is.  I’m not blind nor am I stupid.  But, it is not condoned or tolerated on any official level, and is similar to the situation here in the United States with respect to tolerance for minorities.  We’re not where we’d like to be – should we expect the Israelis to be better?

Why is it acceptable to the world that Jews should not be able to live on land in a new Palestinian state should they choose to be citizens of that state?

How many Jews live in the Arab world?  Not many.  Why not?

The answer is pretty simple – mainly because they are either not allowed to, or they left 50-60 years ago in fear for their lives.

There are certainly areas within what was the West Bank that were unoccupied by any residents, and now have Jews living on them in “settlements”.  In some cases, this land was purchased legally from its owners.

In some cases, it may not have been purchased.

But, by the same token that Arab Palestinians want to live in Israel, if Jewish people want to live in and contribute to a country called Palestine, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do so?  Isn’t that discrimination that we, in the US, would never tolerate?  We got rid of that kind of discrimination here in the 1960’s.  Shouldn’t the recipients of our negotiating might (the Palestinians) be held to a similar standard?

In Jerusalem, the Israelis have NEVER agreed to halt building.  Jerusalem has been sacred ground to Jews for over 3000 years, and no Israeli government would survive for long if they gave up the right to Jerusalem.

It is Israel’s capitol, a fact formally acknowledged by the USA for many years, even though we have never moved our embassy there.

The US and the world are demanding that Israel give up concession after concession to further a “two state solution”, but so far, there is no indication that anyone is demanding anything from the Palestinians.

They are not being told to come and sit down at the table to discuss a rational solution, whatever form that might take.

They are not being taken to task for lionizing suicide bombers and terrorists who without doubt target innocent civilians with no cloak of war to claim that the casualties were “collateral damage” (which IS part of warfare).

They are not being taken to task for refusing the several offers of a state that have been made over the years, including offers that would have given them 97% of the West Bank and Gaza, as it was before the 1967 war.

The bottom line is that Israel captured the West Bank after Jordan, which held it since 1948, attacked it during the 1967 war at the urging of Egypt and the rest of the Arab world.

There was no outcry by the Palestinians for their “legitimate national rights”, simply because no one had ever conceived of such a concept.  There has never been a state/country called Palestine, ever.    It was territory occupied (illegally) by Jordan, which was allocated by the UN in 1947 to be part of a country called Palestine.

Is the outcry now only because the occupiers are Jews?

If it was still occupied by Jordan, would anyone give a crap?

I suspect not.

My personal recommendation to Israel is to unilaterally declare defensible borders including the large settlements around Jerusalem and just over the “Green Line”, pull out all Jews beyond those borders who are willing to leave, and close the borders.  If the Palestinians wish to declare a state, let them.

If even one rocket comes over the border, consider it an act of war from a neighboring state and strike back with all due ferocity.

Just my opinion…..