It’s ironic that the US and the rest of the world keep pressuring Israel to give more and more concessions in the name of “peace”.

First, I don’t think there’s a common definition of what “peace” really means.  Does it simply mean a cessation of hostilities?  No more rockets from Gaza, or terrorist attacks by Arabs coming from the West Bank?

Or, does it mean two (or even three) states, with recognized borders, living in relative harmony?

Secondly, and more importantly, though, I have to wonder why anyone thinks that the Palestinians want “peace”.  What do they really want?

There have been numerous times when they could have had a state on over 97% of the land beyond the 1967 borders (and even including some land on the Israeli side of those borders to make up for the land on the West Bank side).

Each time, the Palestinians have said “NO!!!”.

Each time Israel wants to sit down and negotiate in good faith, the Palestinians come up with some new reason not to do so.

The number of preconditions to even negotiating, which in and of itself is a great negotiating tactic, is staggering.  No building in the West Bank.  No building in Jerusalem.  Agreement that EVERYTHING will be on the table, including the right of return for Palestinian “refugees”, status of Jerusalem, borders, separation of forces, economy, etc.

And, when Israel says “OK, we’ll talk about anything you want to discuss”, they’re told “NO, it’s not enough”.

The latest excuse (ooops, I mean “reason”) is that the Israelis had the audacity to announce plans to build housing for Jews in a totally Jewish neighborhood in North Jerusalem, where Arabs have never lived.  Oooh, those bad Israelis!  How dare they?

The fact that NO Israeli government has EVER agreed not to build in Jerusalem is of no importance.  Those damned, insufferable Jews should know better, right?

The reality is that NO Israeli government COULD ever agree to these terms – the government would fall faster than you could say “Palestinian Insincerity”.

Of course, the Palestinians have complied with all the conditions of Oslo and other agreements, right?  Wait, they haven’t?  How is that possible?  If it were, the world would certainly mention it to them, wouldn’t they?

I guess that incitement to racism and virulent anti-Semitism throughout the West Bank and Gaza, not to mention the rest of the Muslim world, doesn’t count.  If you teach your children that Jews are descended from apes and pigs, that they steal organs to make matzoh, that they run the world, that the holocaust never happened, and in general make it impossible for the next couple of generations to accept any kind of peace, one might suppose that the people doing that don’t really want peace.

One might ask the Palestinians why the Christian population of the West Bank has declined so significantly, or what they are willing to give up for peace.

Are they willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist?

Are they willing to forgo anti-Semitic education in their schools?

Are they willing to forge economic bonds with a Jewish state?

Are they willing to have Jews living in an Arab, Palestinian state?  And if not, why not?  Isn’t that racism?  How about Apartheid?

Are they willing to modify the charter of Fatah to eliminate the goal of conquering ALL of what is now Israel?

If they’re not willing to even discuss these things, what chance does anyone in that region have to live in “Peace”?  And what does it even mean?

And people say that the Israelis are intransigent….

Mamma mia…..