See the link below for Moshe Sharon’s perspective:      

I think that Mr. Sharon has spelled out my viewpoint better than I can do so.

Israel has been in the grip of trying to please the world, not offend the Arabs, and survive, for over 60 years.

Unfortunately, there’s not really anyone there on the other side, or at least no one willing or able to negotiate in good faith for “Peace”.

As I’ve said before, the word itself has very different meanings to the different parties.

Israel wants to live in harmony with her neighbors, being mutually supportive, have economic and social interactions, and work together for the benefit of all the residents of the region.

The Arab world’s (and, it seems, much of the rest of the world) view of peace is simply to pound Israel into the ground until there is nothing left.

Unfortunately, nothing Israel does will change this.

Correctly, Israel has made sure they are the strongest kid on the block, and must continue to do so.  Anything less is an invitation to a lynching, and it’s not one Israel should attend, since they would be the “lynchee”.

It takes two sides to negotiate, but even the lack of direct (or even indirect) talks should be seen as a form of negotiation, and Israel is certainly not winning.

Somehow, the Palestinians have convinced the world that down is up, the sky is not blue, left is right, Israel is an apartheid state, misogynistic, racist, and a colonial force with only the worst intentions possible, while at the same time convincing the world that they are simply victims of a bully (Israel).

It is simply astonishing to me that the Left, which prides itself on being in favor of Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, the Rights of Minorities, Equality, etc. would fall for this, especially since the Arab world does nothing to hide their true nature, even avidly proclaiming it to the world while crying crocodile tears for their Palestinian “Brethren” who for years have been at best a political football used as a tool to bludgeon Israel and the West.

I do wonder what will happen to the influence of the Arab and Muslim countries as alternative fuels become more common, and the influence of those with vast oceans of oil lessens.  Will opinion revert to something more based on logic?