I think my new (maybe not quite so new) “pet peeve” is all the name calling and excessively bipartisan trash talk in our country.

I keep hearing about how all the Tea Party people are racist white trash, when in truth, since I know several people who have gone to rallies, I know that as a generalization, this is not entirely true.

There was an article on CNN.com today about this, spelling out the large degree of tolerance shown at the rallies they attended.

Frankly, I suspect that while there are certainly racists hiding within the ranks of the Tea Party, they are a minority, and that the majority are simply people who feel that our government has let us down.

The Democrats rail against the Republicans, the Republicans rail against the Democrats, if you don’t like Obama, you’re a racist, if you are against the war in Afghanistan, you’re stupid, if you really believe that the government believed there were WMD in Iraq, you’re stupid and a Republican to boot, etc. etc. etc.

The truth is that there is an awful lot of mud slinging and name calling going on all over the place.  The blame game is in full swing.

Instead of talking about the issues, assessing each others’ views, discussing calmly and rationally, we spend the time making our attacks personal in nature, which really accomplishes nothing beyond dividing us further.

Why can’t we all just get along?