Some facts (based on reports from the Dept. of Homeland Security) about the demographics of illegal immigrants and where in the USA they live. Very interesting. Note that the illegal population of Arizona swelled from 330,000 to 560,000 from 2000 to 2008.

I’m posting this following the signing of the new Arizona law regarding police enforcement of immigration law.

From the numbers, you can see that the problem has worsened significantly (a 70% increase in the illegal population is a significant number).

Given the lack of effective Federal activity to contain this increase, Arizona has decided to try to do something about it.  There are a number of other states consulting with Arizona about how their law was drafted, and why, with the aim to copy Arizona’s lead.

While there are many people who are certain that this law will lead to racial profiling (of Hispanics), it is not clear that that is the intent or the outcome.  Obviously, only time will tell.

However, to those calling this law “racist”, you should know that by far, the largest number of illegal immigrants in the USA are Hispanic, with over 7 million (61%) from Mexico alone.

Another 1.65 million (14%) are from Central and South America, with the balance from Asia (about 8%) and other, unlisted countries.

While profiling, on its face, is odious and contrary to principles of fairness, the makeup of illegal immigrants’ demographics does lead to the question of how you stem illegal immigration if you can’t target populations that are more likely, based on statistics, to contain illegals.

I don’t know if what Arizona is doing is the answer, whether it’s constitutional, or whether it violates Federal laws.

I DO know that illegal immigrants and their facilitators (Coyotes, Employers, etc.) typically flout our laws with impunity, and frankly, I don’t appreciate it.

Unless and until our immigration laws are changed to make it easier to immigrate, enforcement should be strict.

I’ve seen on the news recently that illegals and their supporters are demonstrating for rights here in the USA.  Frankly, I find these demonstrations to be beyond offensive – we owe them nothing – they are here illegally, in violation of our laws and borders.

My personal opinion, by the way, is that immigration strengthens us as a nation, and the diversity created by allowing in different ethnic groups is good for us.  I am in favor of changing the rules.

But, until we do, I want the laws enforced, including arresting and deporting anyone who is here illegally.  If the Federal government is going to do it, then great.  If they’re not, someone else will (and should).