The following is presented as a “public service announcement”, to emphasize the fact that although Israel has a blockade of Gaza in place, they most definitely are not “starving” the population of Gaza.  There are many truckloads of humanitarian aid getting through daily.

The Week’s Assistance to Gaza: April 27, 2010
by Hana Levi Julian

(Copied from Arutz Sheva,

An official ban on commercial trade with Israel has not stopped the Palestinian Authority from allowing Gaza to accept weekly deliveries of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid.

Last week, from April 18 to April 24, a total of 439 truckloads bearing 10,983 tons of various food items and other essential products made their way from Israel through the various Gaza crossings, according to the IDF Coordinator of Governmental Activities in the Territories (CoGAT).

Among the food items were 57 truckloads of fruits and vegetables, 42 truckloads of wheat, 24 truckloads of meat, chicken and fish products, 35 truckloads of dairy products and 13 truckloads of sugar.

Dry goods included 31 truckloads of hygiene products and 18 truckloads of clothing and shoes.

At the Karni Crossing, 104 truckloads of animal feed were transferred through the massive conveyer terminal.

At the Nahal Crossing fuel terminal, 1.046 million liters of diesel fuel were pumped into Gaza for the power station, and 99,500 liters of diesel fuel were transferred for regular transportation purposes. In addition, 19,980 liters of gasoline and 502 tons of cooking gas were pumped through the terminal.

Traffic was steady at the Erez Crossing as well, where 228 PA Arab residents of Gaza – medical patients and their escorts – crossed into Israel to travel to various destinations for treatment, including to areas in Judea and Samaria. An additional 50 Gazans entered Israel for various other reasons as well.

Also crossing through the Erez terminal were 149 staff members of international non-governmental aid organizations who entered Gaza, and 146 staff members who crossed from Gaza into Israel.