Finally, the Palestinians are Ready to Condemn Violence Against Civilians

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Wonderful!  Finally, the PA is obviously ready to condemn violence against civilians!

But, wait!  They’re condemning violence in what appears to be suspicious circumstances in which 4 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli army disciplined (including dismissing some of them from the army) several soldiers for the incidents.

I think it’s wonderful that the Palestinians are hoping “that the Israeli army would punish those soldiers in a way that will deter others from doing the same”.

I assume that this means that the Palestinians will now start to punish any Palestinian who participates or plans attacks against Jewish civilians.

I mean, obviously, they abhor unjustified violence and expect perpetrators to be punished, so it seems logical to expect that they would mete out punishment when the shoe is on the other foot.

But, I suspect, unfortunately, that that is just a pipe dream in these days when suicide or homicide bombers are martyrs for whom squares and streets are named, and in a time when acts of wanton terror are glorified by the same Palestinian Authority now appalled at the violence by soldiers trying respectively to quell a riot and to subdue what they thought was a violent attack upon them at a checkpoint.

When the Palestinians accept that violence on either side is abhorrent, then perhaps there will actually be hope for a peaceful future.

In the meantime, their crocodile tears are truly unimpressive.


One thought on “Finally, the Palestinians are Ready to Condemn Violence Against Civilians

  1. Such laws do not apply to them.For some reason Israelis are legitimate targets. Jews are not considered refugees under the laws that apply to Palesinians since 1948. There is such a thing as Arab Land, but not Jewish land since 1948.All members of the UN, except Israel, are recognized by all other members, including Israel.All states have recognized borders and capitals, except Israel.During the various chapters in the over 60 Year War to destroy Israel,Israeli civilians are not considered to be civilians by other nations, the UN or most of the world’s media.
    Dear John, get used to it. Somehow approximately 12 million Jews have managed to survive all attempts to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Half of them live in a Jewish State, not recognized as such by a large portion of the world.
    Get used to that too. Accept that different rules seem to apply.Even our President has demanded that only Jews cannot build in areas of their capital becasue others claim it as the capital of a state that does not exist and has never existed in the history of the world as a state. It might never exist, so it is possible that Jews will never legally build in some areas of their capital city.I think that situation is unique but accepted by most nations and the UN. Get used to it.There is no time limit on such policies.
    Bob Poris

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