Michigan’s New No-Smoking Law

Michigan’s new no smoking law takes effect tomorrow, May 1.

The law bans smoking in restaurants, bars, or workplaces with more than 1 employee.

I know that a lot of smokers are upset about the loss of “freedom”, but frankly, I believe that my freedom to breathe clean air outweighs their freedom to pollute that air with second-hand smoke.

I suspect that many bar owners will be pleasantly surprised to find that they gain new clientele who would never subject themselves to the smoke-filled atmosphere of most bars.

Personally, I’m happy about this new law.


One thought on “Michigan’s New No-Smoking Law

  1. Irene and I smoked three packs a day for many years. My late wife died of lung cancer. a Irene survived it a year ago, after stopping over 16 years ago!Smoking is is dangerous to the smoker and to all nearby. We gave it up after many attempts and are glad we did.If smokers wish to smoke, they should do so in a secluded palce where others cannot be harmed. I feel the same way about racing cars or target shooting. Such activites must be done where others are not endangered.

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