Are you Kidding Me?

Take a look at the article located at the link above.  In it, an “undocumented Alien” (aka “Illegal Immigrant”) is a student in Georgia.  She has been here since she was 11 years old, brought here, I must assume, by her parents.

Recently, she was stopped for a traffic offense and found to be driving without a license.  The only documentation she had was an expired Mexican passport.

Her lawyers and supporters are screaming that she’s being discriminated against, since obviously, if she’s Mexican, that must be the only reason to “racially profile” here.

Let’s get something straight – the woman (20 years old, I think) is here illegally, has no drivers license or other valid ID, is driving a car on a public road, is enrolled at a university in Georgia, and was arrested for driving without a license.

How is that discrimination?  SHE HAS NO DRIVERS LICENSE YET IS DRIVING!!!

She is protesting a deportation order, and has been granted a one year delay to finish her studies.

While I sympathize with this young woman, who most likely had no say in being brought here, I believe that she (and her parents, assuming they’re illegal) should be deported.  If they want to come back here, they should go through the immigration process.

I’m thoroughly sick of people breaking our laws and then crying “discrimination” when caught.  Give me a break!  What an insult to the millions of legal immigrants who have followed the process as spelled out by the law.

To her supporters, I say, write your legislators and demand that they change the immigration laws, but that does not give anyone the right to pick and choose which laws they will follow.

Send her home to Mexico.


2 thoughts on “Are you Kidding Me?

  1. You are correct! Illegal is ilegal. she got caught while doing several illegal activites. Personally one can feel sorry for her but many people have sad stories. Let us feel sorry for all poor peope seeking a better life anywhere. Give to charity, send food, etc as many are doing for Haitians but do not allow them to come here without going thru our laws and rules.
    Bob Poris

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