Hmmm – Blockade, Siege, State of War?

It just occurred to me (I’m a little slow) that now that Egypt has opened their Rafah border crossing with Gaza, there is no siege or full blockade of Gaza anymore.

In spite of the world’s criticism of Israel for closing its borders with Gaza, it is important to remember that Egypt has done the same.  I do wonder why there is little or no protest in the world press about that closure, but I suspect it’s because Egypt is not a Jewish state.  No one cares what one Muslim state does to another, or in this case, what a Muslim state does to another Muslim entity, since Gaza is not a state or country.

But, let us talk a bit about Israel’s rights and responsibilities with respect to Gaza.

Israel, unlike Egypt, is in an active state of war with Gaza.  That war has been declared many times by the leadership of Hamas, which is the ruling power in Gaza.

While in a state of war, in my opinion (and I suspect legally), Israel has zero obligations with respect to the residents of Gaza.  After all, they are at war with them.

In what warped universe does a country under attack by another provide the aggressor with 15 tons of humanitarian aid every week, provide them with electricity, fuel, etc.?  Please, someone enlighten me about all the other places in the world where this happens.

The idea that Israel needs to open its borders to the residents of Gaza is ridiculous.  What entities at war with one another have ever allowed open borders, whether for trade, commercial transfers, or for any other reason except prisoner exchanges, ceasefires to pick up wounded or dead soldiers, etc.?

Hamas, the PA, and the world all clamor for Israel to open the border crossings, employ Palestinians from Gaza in Israel, and generally behave toward Gaza as one country would behave toward another bordering country with no malicious intentions toward it.


If, at some future time, Hamas declares an end to the state of war, I have no doubt that Israel would be happy to have the Palestinians of Gaza as peaceful neighbors, would love to trade with them, and would love to have open borders.

In the meantime, though, it’s silly to think that Israel has ANY responsibility to Gaza.

If the Arab world, which for 60 years has shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians while keeping them locked up in refugee camps, preventing them from working, forbidding them from obtaining legal status in their countries, wants to support the Palestinians of Gaza, they have their chance now that Egypt has lifted their blockade.

It is incumbent upon Israel to protect its citizens from the aggressive rulers of Gaza.  It is NOT incumbent upon them to make life easier in any way, shape, or form for the Gazans, who elected Hamas to power and cheer them on in their war on Israel.

What a funny world!


One thought on “Hmmm – Blockade, Siege, State of War?

  1. You are 100% correct but Israel is not a normal state. If they announced that they are still in a formal state of war and listed all the nations that declared war upon it and when, perhaps they could find a way to resolve it.They should demand a peace ocnference with each or a new declaration of war. Let them dclare their intententions re the state of hostilites. It might clear the air.It might even make “neutral” nations. including NGO’s and the UN to state their position, including the USA.
    If it is still war, then certain actions become mandatory, including cutting off contact with some nations.As it is, no one assumes any responsibility or expects any consequences from their actions. I am sure the various businees communites and governments will find a way to do business as they always have but there should be some consequences related to behavior. The question is can Israel afford to shut off anyone?
    Bob Poris

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