A new “Pet Peeve”

I recently took a road trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (beautiful drive, by the way – Northern Michigan is stunning).

We spent about 4 hours driving up I-75 the first day, then drove around, all over Northern Michigan, then spent 4 hours driving home, mostly on I-75 again.

I can’t even begin to figure out how many times some driver would decide to just loll along in the left (fast) lane, going the same speed as the cars in the right lane, as a line of traffic built up behind him or her.

It was a bit scary to watch as drivers began taking extraordinary risks to get around these road hogs by squeezing too closely between cars, cutting the road hog off because they were pissed off, or in general driving much faster than they should just to get around them.

People – if you aren’t passing, leave the left (fast, passing) lane open.  If someone comes up behind you in the left lane, move over and let them go by.

By deliberately blocking them, or by being so obtuse and unaware that there are cars waiting to pass you, YOU are creating a danger.

“But wait”, you say, “I’m driving the speed limit or just above it”.

So what?  Some people are willing to take the risk of going faster and maybe being in an accident or getting a ticket.  That is not your concern or responsibility, it is the responsibility of the police.

If YOU act like a turtle, YOU may be causing an accident.

Just get out of the way!


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