So, the Arab “street”, along with Arab and Muslim governments is quickly reaching the conclusion that Mubarak was a puppet of the US and Israel, and that his oppression of the Egyptian people is the fault of Israel.

Well, of COURSE they think that!

It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

During Mubarak’s 30 years of rule, Israel and the Jews have been a scapegoat for all the country’s ills.  Don’t have jobs?  Broadcast the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.    Torture and kill your own citizens?  Blame the Jews!

Yes, Mubarak maintained the (somewhat cold) peace treaty with Israel, but in 30 years of rule, he never once set foot in Israel.

What’s really striking is that throughout the Middle East, the “education systems” slam the Jews at every opportunity, blaming them for all of society’s ills, castigating them as “sons of monkeys and donkeys”, killers and imbibers of the blood of non-Jews, controlling the world, etc.

What’s funny (ironic) about it is that Jewish law forbids partaking of blood.  That’s why, when Jews kill animals for meat, they drain all the blood and discard it, then salt the carcass to get rid of every last drop of blood.  To most Jews, the idea of eating a bloody steak is, well, disgusting.  The idea of drinking the blood of a human is even more disgusting.

Wikileaks, Palileaks, and recent events have shown us that the excesses and oppression of the Arab dictators is the root cause of the misery in their countries.  It is not the Jews.

Likewise, the wailing and gnashing of teeth around the world, proclaiming that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the root cause of all the ills of the middle east, is also proven totally false.

Until the Arabs take responsibility for their own lives and destiny and stop blaming the Jews, they will never progress beyond being miserable, backwards, oppressive societies.

They would do far better to make peace with Israel and learn from them, since clearly, Israel and the Jews have a lot to offer, unlike the Arabs….