The following is a newsletter I receive from a gentleman in Israel named Yosi Behar.  He publishes it periodically via email, but has reached the limit of email addresses to which he can send it.

He has authorized me (and others) to forward it in its entirety as we wish.

Unfortunately, I am unable to post the pictures that go along with it, but the text and links are more important.  Enjoy!!


– Good News #328 11 March, 2011

– private letter from Yosi Behar- No commercial intent

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only Good News from Israel

in brief

Rudy Juliani; no need for another terror state

: US must be more supportive of Israel and more realistic about what the Jewish state is facing. Obamas` diplomatic attempts have been a mistake. The ball is at the Palestinian domain; eradicate terrorism and corruption and recognize Israel as a Jewish state. You do not want to establish another Arab state that is a terrorist enclave.”


Michele Bachmann; we have been blessed because of Israel

Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann and the GOP House of Representatives leader; I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian.  I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States… that as a nation, we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play.”


Israel is a world leader in recycling treated wastewater

With increased interest worldwide, Jewish state marketing its waste water reuse technologies and has developed billion-dollar industry by sharing systems and expertise. 92% of the wastewater in Israel is treated and 75 % is used for agricultural irrigation, this is the highest percentage of such utilization in the world. The cost of enhancing wastewater is half of the cost of desalinating seawater and is of great significance in an era when there is a shortage of potable fresh water. Treated wastewater is a suitable alternative that can be used for agriculture purposes. Israel‘s water technologies exports will double by 2012, from the $1.5 billion in exports in 2010.


Hagar Gelbard gets prestigious award

3 March 2911; Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv from Weizman institute received the 2011 L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award ($40 000). Outstanding Women Scientists” is an International Fellowships for Women in Science. Hagar is awarded for her research as part of her doctoral thesis on how we can learn about the memory mechanism from epilepsy patients undergoing a medical procedure.


Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:

Revolutionizing delicate spinal surgery

SpineAssist® is a robotic guidance system which enables surgeons to perform safer and accurate spine surgeries. For patients, this means better outcomes with less pain, fewer complications and shorter recovery time. SpineAssist is in daily use in leading hospitals with thousands of successful cases worldwide. SpineAssist transforms back surgery by advancing techniques from freehand method to guided procedures.    SpineAssist Workstation – allows surgeons to pre-plan optimal procedures in 3 dimensions according to the individual anatomy”.  SpineAssist Robotic Arm – guides the surgeon during surgery to perform the preoperative plan therefore optimizing clinical outcome. See demo at >


Detecting early kidney damage

5% of patients in hospitals and 30% of patients in intensive care wards suffer from acute kidney damage, which increases morbidity rates and the cost of care. Latest clinical trials prove that Urinflo 2000 device detected early-stage acute kidney damage.

The URINFO™2000 system provides automated (continuous, real-time, and reliable) monitoring of urine output for the optimization of fluid management and acute renal care.  The product is based on FlowSense technology and is in daily use in the critical care setting for managing fluid and renal care and preventing renal deterioration and failure.


Economy & infrastructure;

More trade with India and China

China and India are Israel’s two major destinations of exports with an impressive growth in exports in the last year ($ 7 billion – 49% increase). A joint committee of the Finance and Industry Ministries for increasing exports to East Asia has formed a program with $30 million budget intended to help realize the commercial potential in the Chinese and Indian markets.

China wants Israel as technology partner; Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming visiting in Israel (again) signed a memorandum of understanding to promote commerce and cooperation between the Israel and China.,7340,L-4038333,00.html


TEVA inaugurates huge center

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, the world’s largest maker of generic drugs, has opened a new, $100 million distribution center in Shoham, near Ben Gurion Airport. The new logistic center spreads over 19 acres, making it one of the worlds largest with advanced storage and transportation of drugs and medical equipment. Each building is 13 storeys high and 400 meters long with new facilities designed to cut truck-loading time from an hour to just 10 minutes and save $20 million each year (return of investment in 5 years). 350 trucks a day will carry TEVA products (worth $16 billion this year) to the airport to be sent all over the world. Yediot Mamon 27 Feb. page 4


First Jezreel Valley railway tender published today

As part of the Netivey Israel plan, the first tender for the project was published today. The tender is for the construction of the line between Migdal Ha’Emek, and Afula. Subsequent tenders for the Jezreel Valley railway will be published later this year. Cost of the Jezreel Valley railway is $ 1.2 billion and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. The Jezreel Valley railway will run 60 kilometers from Haifa to the Bridge over the Jordan River in the Beit SheAn Valley. Trains will be able to travel at 160 km/h on the line.

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SOCIETY, culture, art

Draftees’ Motivation for Combat at Record High

According to statistics revealed in the latest issue of BaMachane’, the IDF magazine; there has been a steep, steady climb in the combat motivation of Israel’s youth over the last three years. Nation’s youth are raring to go and fight if they must. The percentage of eligible draftees who seek to serve in combat units has climbed to a record high of 79.5%,


PM Honors female troops

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked International Women’s Day by paying tribute to the female soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces; “I am impressed by you. There is a revolution in the IDF. One-third of the IDF’s personnel are women. Growing percentage of the IDF’s combat force is women. We see this in all corps; Border Police fighters, Armored corps, Navy and Air Force including as pilots. This expresses the change in the status of women in the IDF and in the State of Israel as a whole. Israel is only country in region ‘in which women have equal rights.”


Volunteer: Israel has high quality youth

‘Our camp proves that there are teenagers in this country who contribute to society without asking for anything in return.’ Interact –is a service club for young people sponsored by the Rotary organization, an apolitical global organization of businesspeople and leading professionals associated with social clubs.

. Interact gives 14 to 18 years old a chance to take part in various voluntary and meaningful initiatives, a chance to develop leadership skills and take initiative, as well as meet new friends. 

Read more at >,7340,L-4039014,00.html


Yael Naim wins the “Globe de Cristal” award

Yael Naim, 33, was awarded the “Globe de Cristal” of the Best Singer of the year in France. This is her second trophy of “Victoires de la Musique” (French equivalent of the Grammy), in which she won Best Singer of the Year 2008. Yael lived in Ramat HaSharon and did her military service with the Israeli Air Force band. Her song ‘new soul’ was selected by giant computer company ‘Apple’ for its publicity campaign.

Video songs at >



Tennis; Israel moves up to world playoffs

Israeli tennis team beat Poland 3:0 at Davis Cup. Dudi Sela, Amir Weintraub Andy Ram and Yoni Erlich; Victorious in all games with Poland– singles and doubles.


Daniel Frenkel at European championship finals

Daniel Frankel recorded great achievement which qualifies her to the European Championship finals high jump. She made a new Israeli record of 1.94 meters which gave her ticket to the World Championships in South Korea.

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‘Bird Splitter’ to protect planes from avian impacts

Bird strikes are a significant threat to flight safety, and have caused a number of accidents with human casualties. Birds have been sucked into aircraft engines, which sometimes resulted in a shutdown. Israel Aerospace Industries has invented the Bird Splitter located on the aircrafts’ tail and designed to ‘split’ an incoming bird and thereby protect aircraft structure and crucial systems before they hit the plane. IAI presented its concept at the Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, held on Feb. 23. >


US Army buys ‘TowerJazz’ night vision

‘’’TowerJazz’ Presents Record Results for 2010: Surpasses Half a Billion Dollars in Full Year Revenue.

TowerJazz, will supply image sensors for the US Army night vision electronics and sensors directorate including CMOS low light image sensors for Army portable systems.


Another great Israeli gift to the world – Drought-resistant potatoes

Agro-biotechnology company Rosetta Green success in developing drought-resistant potatoes is an important achievement for enhancing plants’ capabilities in extreme conditions. Improving crops’ survivability is a critical field in global agriculture. The potatoes were enhanced with the micro-RNA gene RGN-131, which the company found can potentially improve the potatoes’ resistance to drought and severe environmental conditions. The trial found that the RGN-131 potatoes had significantly better survival capability and drought adaptability.



This week; Timely rain, Blessed quantity with good intervals and pleasant temperatures

Shabat Shalom

Yosi Behar