Yesterday, I read a column by Isi Leibler, titled “Candidly Speaking: Obama and Jewish leadership”.  You can read it at this link:

In the column, which discusses a recent meeting between President Obama and American Jewish leaders, one passage caught my eye and really made me think.

He said “But in response to expressions of regret at the harsh anti-Israeli statements made by US representatives before and after the vote, Obama stated that White House officials consider it imperative for the US “to do something to show balance” in view of the delicacy of Arab public opinion during these “sensitive” times.”

To me, this implies that Obama (whose views and philosophy regarding foreign policy are not unique in our government and the rest of the “politically correct” crowd) is more interested in displaying “balance” than in promoting what he believes is RIGHT.

What happened to the concept of having a position based on principles and supporting it?

Why is “balance” more important than having a philosophy based on a national, collective, moral belief system and standing up for what we believe in as a nation?   Why must we support all sides of a dispute, whether we really agree with them or not?  Do we not have any obligations whatsoever to our “allies”?

Is Israel our ally or not?

If so, why do we need to show “balance” toward the enemies of our ally?

If Israel is our ally, why do we need to prop up countries that overtly threaten Israel?  Why do we not tell the Palestinians that their demands are unreasonable, and that we will not give them money or support their views in any way until they actually sit down to negotiate with our ally?

Why is it so bad for us, as a nation, to pick a side?

We have already scared the crap out of our allies in the last two years with Obama’s clear need for the US to be friends with everyone.

Of course, that’s not realistic, the world doesn’t work that way.

Until we figure out what are the characteristics of those with whom we should be friends, we will muddle along offending true friends and allies at the expense of those who truly hate us.

The damage to our standing in the world from this lack of policy will be devastating to us in the long term.

We (Obama) have already proven to our allies that our word means nothing, driving countries like Turkey into the arms of Iran, who continues to thumb their noses at us.

We can either declare a set of principles to live by, and ally ourselves with other countries who share those principles, or we can continue to drift as we are doing now, leaving countries like Israel to suffer the consequences.

You may not have liked President Bush, but there was very little ambiguity about where we stood while he was president.  He picked a position, stuck to it, and made it clear to our friends and enemies that you should mess with it at your peril.

I miss that clarity of purpose.