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Iron Dome – incredible success – perfect performance

This week, for the first time in warfare history; 9 missiles out of 9 which threatened to explode in the center of BeEr-Sheva and Ashkelon were intercepted and destroyed by counter missiles. Iron Dome System developed by ’Rafael” is an effective and mobile defense solution for countering short range rockets and artillery shells – with ranges of up to 70 km in all weather conditions. The system discriminates and intercepts only the rockets that will hit areas that need protection, thus, saving on expensive ammunition. Israel needs 14 batteries (at cost of $700 Million) to protect our North (Lebanon) and South (Gaza) lines.

read “Israeli pride in the skies > http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4055513,00.html

Read about Iron Dome system at > http://www.rafael.co.il/marketing/SIP_STORAGE/FILES/6/946.pdf


Glenn Back; I stand with Israel

;” Israel has tolerated more provocation than any other nation in history. Why are we are led to believe that Israel is the evil one?, name the country in the Middle-East that has the same values that we have – I can only name one, so Why is our administration siding with people against Israel and arming the Arabs – terrorists who say you die if you do not believe in our faith, who hang homosexuals, stone women and murder children. Tens of millions of Arabs are tortured by their own countries… Listen to Glenn Back on Fox program >

Curtsey Ayelet Lubin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM0DjOC74zI


US Senators Vow Support for Israel

11 GOP senators have vowed continued financial support for Israel. The freshman senators all signed a letter spearheaded by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, reaffirming their support for Israel’s foreign aid. “We recognize that providing for the national defense is a constitutional responsibility of the federal government, therefore we must continue to prioritize the safety of our nation and the security of our ally Israel.”



Spanish Royal in Israel

In a sign of growing diplomatic relations between Israel and Spain, the Crown Prince and Princess of Spain, Felipe de Borbon and Letizia Ortiz are in Israel this week on an official state visit. Prince Felipe urged greater cooperation between Israel and Spain in economy, science, technology, education and culture. The Royal couple visited at ‘Yad Vashem’, attended a reception at Tel Aviv University, breakfast with PM Binyamin Netanyahu, and toured the Israel Museum. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/143527

Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:

Good news for Multiple Sclerosis patients

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd published results for two-year clinical trial of Laquinimod, an oral treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. In the clinical trial, Laquinimod showed a significant 23% reduction in the multiple sclerosis relapse rate, the primary endpoint, along with a significant 36% reduction in the risk of confirmed disability progression. The trial also found that treatment with Laquinimod was associated with a significant reduction in brain tissue loss, with a 33% reduction in progression of brain atrophy. Oral Laquinimod for Multiple Sclerosis treatment significantly reduced disease activity and disability progression while providing good safety and tolerability. More > http://www.tevapharm.com/pr/2011/pr_1004.asp


Ashdod Hospital on the way

‘Asuta’ won the tender for the planning, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the hospital, which will be built on a 70-dunam (17.5-acre) in Ashdod city. The first Ashdod Hospital (Establishment and Operation) Law stipulates that a hospital with at least 300 beds will be established in the city of 205,000 residents. Construction of the

Ashdod hospital is scheduled to begin within 2 years, and take four years.


Novel bio-material for plastic surgery

Juvenis is developed new class of safe, highly effective biomaterials for plastic and reconstructive surgery. People undergoing Aesthetic procedures seek Juvenis synthetic dermal fillers that are safe and long lasting, non-toxic, and without harmful side effects. A revolution in plastic surgery (especially in breast and face); Tenergel’ is the only product that feels like natural tissue.   more > http://www.juvenisbiomed.com/

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Economy & infrastructure;

HSBC ; Israeli economy is robust

HSBC is the second largest banking and financial services organization in the world. HSBC’s international network comprises around 7,500 offices in 87 countries.

HSBC analysts see positive fiscal news and strong consumer demand in Israel, describes the state of the Israeli economy as “robust”; “the fiscal budget performance in the first 3 months of the year has been a pleasant surprise, reflecting a budget surplus of NIS 2.0 billion. http://www.hsbcprivatebank.com/offices/israel.html


VC funds invested $479m in first quarter

Venture Capital funds invested in 140 Israeli start-up firms $ 479 million in the first quarter of 2011 – the highest quarterly amount more than 2 years. Israeli high-tech capital raising in first quarter 2011: Up 39%. Life sciences sector continues to lead capital raising.   Capital available for investment now at $1.4 billion. $800 million projected to be raised by Israeli VC funds in 2011. Find interesting information at VC research center > http://www.ivc-online.com/


‘OrbiMed’ to invest $200M in Israel

OrbiMed, the world’s leading asset management firm in the global health sciences industry, will form a $200 million fund which will invest in research and development in the Israeli life sciences industry. A significant part of the investments will be directed at biotechnology – the development of medications using biological means found in living organisms, which has been identified by the State as an area with outstanding infrastructure in Israel



Bus fare – down 30%

Minister of Transport Israel Katz has brought forward to Sunday, April 17, a planned reduction in long-haul intercity bus fares by 30%. A ministry announcement said that the measure was in response to rising fuel prices, and that it would come into effect the day before Passover.



Revolution in cellular market

< Minister of communications Moshe Cachlon granted license to 2 mobile phone firms, Mirs and Exfone,  together with 2 wireless frequency bands for ~$ 200 Million each. A company that will manage to recruit minimum 7% of the private market will get back this sum. This creates an incentive estimated at 50% reduction in prices of cellular phone-calls together with advanced technology and better service.

3 local cellular firms (Pele-Phone, Orange and Cellcom) raked ~ $6.5 billion revenues in 2010 with net profit over $ 1billion.


Golan winery takes international top prizes

Golan Heights Winery in Katzrin beat out more than 1000 other wine-makers from more than 30 countries to take home the top prize at Italy’s leading international wine competition, affectionately dubbed the “Wine World Cup,” the Gran Vinitaly Special, one of Europe’s top wine events. The 105-member jury included international wine experts and journalists voted for wines made in Israel without knowing the maker beforehand. http://www.golanwines.co.il/news.asp

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SOCIETY, culture, art

Good Deeds Day

Some 130,000 Israelis and many thousands of others throughout the world are going out Tuesday to do a good deed for others as part of Good Deeds Day, which was initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison and is operated by the Ruach Tova (Good Spirit) association, part of the Arison Group.

Read about the activities at > http://www.ruachtova.org/



Artistic Gymnastics; Alex Shatilov won the EURO silver medal

Israel‘s Alexander Shatilov, 24, performs to finish second in the men’s floor final during the 4th European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Berlin April 9, 2011. Alex Shatilov claimed his second career medal at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships on Saturday, taking the silver in the floor exercise final in Berlin.
Alex won Israel’s first-ever medal at the Europeans two years ago, taking the bronze in the floor final, and also claimed the country’s first medal at the World Championships, coming third in 2009.

See his performance live at > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xQE6NGibTk

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Touch-free technology

Touch-less technology aims to replace the ‘touch-screen’ used in tablet computers, hand-phones and TV. ‘PrimeSense’ revolutionizes the way digital devices are operated. It focuses on a primary human sense, vision, to provide digital devices that have a 3-dimensional perception of reality. PrimeSense technological breakthrough makes it high-performance 3D vision. See demo at > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzLKsex43zI

‘EyeSight’ developed gesture recognition and motion sensing technology as futuristic Interfaces to identify hand and body motions and operate electronic devices Touch Free. See amazing demonstrations at >

> http://www.jpost.com/Sci-Tech/Article.aspx?id=216123

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Valuable Tip: overcome seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies (Rhinitis) are short term inflammatory conditions caused by the abdominal reaction to environmental factors such spores, ragweed and pollen that to some people cause sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes and rashes. Certain foods can reduce production of histamines, thereby minimizing and even alleviating symptoms. Red wine, Chia seeds (salvia hispanica), Green tea, Citrus fruit, Ginger, Sunflower seeds.

Curtsey Dr. Yosi Baruch Read all details at > http://www.jpost.com/Health/Article.aspx?id=214423


Weekend delight; Mazal Tov ve Siman Tov

Can’t get enough of these guys in Moscow;

Хор Турецкого – Кошерное попурри = Turetsky Choir Kosher medley

Curtsey Gil and Ellie Somerfield

See, listen and enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h1cPdbdZfw&feature=related

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Seder Pesah is on Monday evening 14 Nissan (April 18th)

Happy Pesah holiday

Yosi Behar