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– Good News #334
 22 April, 2011

Private letter from Yosi Behar– No commercial intent

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in brief



      Jose Maria Aznar;

 “if Israel goes down, we all go down”

Former President of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, founded an international organizationtogether with many other dignitaries “Friends of Israel” ;– “I cannot explain my country, the western world and myself without reference to the same values we share with Israel; Freedom, Democracy, Tolerance, Pluralism and the great Heritage”. ;“Isolating and demonizing Israel is not a good policy, if Israel goes down – we all go down!”.

See interview on CBN TV live >



Why the US and the World must stand with Israel

Fox News panel April 15th 2011; watch this program at >


US contribution to “Iron Dome”

U.S. House passes budget including $205 million intended for acquiring 4 ‘Iron Dome’ anti-missile systems made in Israel by ‘Rafael’. This is a ‘significant reinforcement of Israel’s defense capabilities against short range missiles.The new batteries are expected to be ready for operations within 18 months.


              US Senate unanimously demands to rescind Goldstone report


US Senate Resolution 138 passes unanimously, calls on members of Human Rights Council to ‘reflect the author’s repudiation off the Goldstone report‘s central findings’, and asks UN chief Ban to ‘do all in his power to redress the damage to Israel’s reputation’. Following Judge Goldstone recanted allegations Israel had deliberately targeted civilians during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, and admitted his eponymous 2009 report to United Nations Human Rights Council would have been different if he had written it today; Congressmen set a letter to US Ambassador Susan Rice calling on the U.N to formally withdraw the report.

Cities decorated ahead of big holidays

Municipalities and citizens are starting to decorate Streets, boulevards, cars and buildings with flags and light-chains ahead of Passover holidays and independence celebrations two weeks later.


Independence Day (May 10th) to follow Passoverholidays(18 > 25TH April)


Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              

     Good news for Stoma patients  


Stimatix GI‘s artificial sphincter will allow thousands of people with stoma to go shopping, swim and enjoy daily activities without having to worry about an ‘incident.’  The AOS-1000™  is an ostomy management system that provides bowel content control and management for people with stomas. Compact and aesthetic, the AOS-1000™ offers patients the ability to resume normal activities without embarrassment, and avoiding many uncomfortable physical conditions inherent in ostomy care. More >



‘Deep Breeze’monitorsrespiratory system without radiation


‘Deep Breeze’ instrument monitors the respiratory system with functional dynamic imaging of the lungs of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma and Congestive Heart Failure. Nevertheless, the VRI™ technology can be used as an aid in diagnosis for many other lung pathologies. Vibration Response Imaging (VRI™) is a new medical imaging modality enabling visual and quantitative representation of sounds created by the human body, in real time. Its versatility, low cost and prompt results enables near-bed care in the hospital, private clinic and even in the home.

Curtsey Col. (ret) Asher Dar        see live demo at >



            Developing a vaccine against lung cancer

‘VacciGuard’ is currently engaged in the completion of the testing of its lung cancer therapeutic vaccine. Based on novel technology harnessing nature’s mechanism for generating preventive and therapeutic vaccines, Prof. Iron Cohen at Weizman institute developed effective vaccines against several pathogens for which currently there is no vaccine solution. Proof-of-concept has been demonstrated with 5 different pathogens models successfully repeated in animals.

 ‘VacciGuard’ is seekingan additional $2 millionto support clinical development of one of the projects.



                    Al Gore invests in Israeli solar energy

Al Gore invested $10 million inTigo Energy Inc’ which develops solutions to maximize output by photovoltaic installations.Tigo Energy delivers more energy and enhanced safety, commercial, and residential solar arrays. This results in a faster return on investment and lower cost of energy. Tigo Energy’s revolutionary solution addresses issues that limit the efficiency, availability, and flexibility of today’s solar installations.

  *  *  *


Bahai gardens in Haifa renovated


In the last 3 years, the structure of the building has been refitted to withstand an earthquake and the building’s dome — the most distinctive feature of the landscape in Haifa — has been covered with 11,790 new gold-glazed porcelain tiles. The magnificent gardens surrounding theBahai shrine are positioned on Carmel mountain-side overlooking the ocean, at the midpoint of a striking green strip artistically designed gardens that cuts up the slope from top to bottom along with a waterfall.


 *      *      *

Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Economy keeps growing faster

The Israeli economy grew by 7.8% in the 4th quarter of 2010 – a significant rise in the gross domestic product compared to previous quarters – a 4.6% increase in the third quarter and a 5.4% increase in the 2nd quarter. The proceeds in the commerce and services industries were up 7.9%.Business sector rose by 6.3% in the 2nd half of 2010 following a 6.4% increase in the 1st half and a 3.6% increase in the 2nd half of 2009. The import and export of goods saw a significant increase since the beginning of the year as well. Exports were up 27.3% between January-March 2011, following a 19.9% increase between October-December 2010.


IDF Bases to move to the Negev

PM office allocated $5.4 billion to build new IDF bases in the Negev that will replace most of the military bases in the densely populated areas in the center of the country. This will boost the development of southern communities in all aspects. The project will get finance aid from the highly valuable properties freed up in this bases move. Transferring old military bases to new state-of-the-art installations will also enable to develop modern big urban centers and 60 000 homes in the freed real-estate. Moving 25 000 military personnel will contribute to the development of the southern region. 


 ‘Eureka’ leaders meet in Israel

Europe R&D leaders from 40 countries (Eureka) Assembled in Haifa and Nazareth for the third event held in Israel.EUREKA delegates approved a series of cooperative R&D projects in a variety of areas, including renewable energy, Agro-food technology, biotechnology, physical and exact sciences, IT and electronics and industrial manufacturing. Since Israel took the leadership of EUREKA, nearly 200 EUREKA projects have already been approved, totaling more than €280 million ($405 million) of private and public investment,7340,L-4055496,00.html


Mekorot to develop Ugandan water infrastructures 


Mekorot will build 11dams and reservoirs to supply water to 2 million residents in Uganda. This project in Uganda has great economic and political importance to promote bilateral relations and serve as a lever to expand Israeli activity to other countries in Africa. Mekorot expertise can help African countries with catastrophic water and sewage systems. (Sewage from the Uganda capital, Kampala, currently pours directly into Lake Victoria.).

*      *      *


 Empoweringnext generation leaders


Building Future Leadership is an intensive, one-week conference for exceptionalparticipants of ‘Masa’ Israel programs from around the world. 500 were selected to participate in this exclusive professional conference in Building Future Leadership, Masa Israel Journey’s intensive, week-long leadership program in Israel.Chosen from nearly 10,000 individuals from all over the world who are studying, interning, and volunteering in Israel, Building Future Leadership prepares young adults to fill leadership positions when they return to their campuses and communities.

    See video and more at >


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to visit Israel

   American basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will visit Israel in July and meet with Rabbi Israel Meir Lau to discuss a film that he is making about World War II. The film is based on the book “Brothers in Arms”, which Abdul-Jabbar co-authored and deals with the American troops who liberated Nazi concentration camps in the end of World War II. Abdul-Jabbar’s own father served on the 761st Tank Battalion, which liberated young Israel Meir Lau at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany.,7340,L-4056986,00.html 




More rain coming today. All week we had Perfect weather conditions – cool with fresh breezes.


At the Seder


    Happy Pesach holidays

Yosi Behar