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– Good News #335 29 April, 2011

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The ultimate ally

U.S. President Barack Obama told a White House gathering, “The United States has no better friend in the world than Israel,” a statement reflecting the positions of Democrats and Republicans alike.

 Michael Oren, Israel ambassador in Washington wrote in ‘Foreign Policymagazine’; “America needs Israel now more than ever. Recent turmoil in Arab countries proves that Israel is the only reliable ally. Israel shares America’s values, reflects its founding spirit, and resonates with its people’s beliefs. From its location at one strategic crossroads, Israel enhances American intelligence and defense capabilities and provides ports and training for US forces.TheJewish State helps secure America’s borders and assists in saving American lives on the battlefield, stimulates the US economy through trade, technological innovation, and job creation.  

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              Europeans support Israel

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– Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, member of government, VP Committee on Foreign Affairs / Italian Parliament, journalist and author; “Here are meetings of Parliamentarians, Writers and Journalists from all over Europe that say it is time to stop spreading lies about Israel. UN resolutions wrongly condemn Israel based on false accusations. Homosexuals are hanged and women stoned in Iran, Genocide in Sudan and mass-murder of protestors in Arab countries, Israeli scientists who develop excellent medicines and technologies for the world welfare are boycotted. Israel is accused of apartheid while in all the countries in the region a non Muslim is persecuted. Israel accepts people of all religions and gives them freedom of Worship. Enough is enough!.    

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Impressive Recovery of Carmel forest


The sight of the dramatic process the area has undergone since the fire – is breathtaking. The impressive recovery can be seen in the blooming of a variety of wildflowers like clusters of cyclamens, green grass and trees. Animals and birds are back to live in the recovered vegetation. Israelis flock to Carmel area to witness this surprising phenomenon with the powerful eco-system invigorating our “mini Switzerland”. 



3 million Israelis flock to the nature during Pesah holidays


 During the recent Passover vacation in Israel, some 3 million Israelis stayed in Israel’s 58 parks, nature reserves and forests. Perfect weather conditions and the magnificent spring blossom added to the festive atmosphere enabling many to set camp in the open. The busiest places; around the Kineret (see of Galilee), Banias river Golan Heights, Galilee streams, Ben Shemen and Tal forests… parks; Hayarkon, Ashkelon, Yatir Canada park and Judean Desert, Machtesh Ramon in the south. Dan; “After all, for my family – here is the safest and most beautiful place in the world”. 


Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              

  Developing new drug for blood cancer

 XTL Biopharmaceuticals based in Herzelia, has applied to the US FDA for orphan drug status for its erythropoietin (EPO) drug for the treatment of multiple Myeloma blood cancer. The drug is undergoing a clinical trial.FDA orphan status grants incentives for developing these drugs, including shortened approval procedures, tax breaks on R&D costs, and financing assistance. If the drug is the first to reach market, it also receives 7 years exclusivity.



An alternative tochemotherapy

Novocure developed a non-invasive NovoTTF-100A System for the treatment of brain tumors. The NovoTTF is the first ever medical device for the treatment of cancer as an alternative to chemotherapy. Following successful results, The FDA approved NovoTTF device for treatments of adults whose glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors recurred after chemotherapy. The portable, wearable device delivers an anti-mitotic, anti-cancer therapy as patients maintain their normal daily activities.



           Work begins on largest private power station

Dorad Energy is establishing the $870 million power station in Ashkelon. The company employs 300 people on the project, and the number of employees will peak at 1,000 during the height of construction – to becompleted in 2013.The power station will have 12 natural gas turbines and two steam turbines.

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Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

                          Moody’s; Israeli economy resilient and dynamic

April 26; Moody’s issues annual credit report on Israel; “Israeli economy is resilient, dynamic and the macroeconomic policy is coherent”. Moody’s reconfirms A1 credit status and notes that possibly it will be raised in the future. 

;”Israeli hi-tech export posts excellent performance and supports growth. The political turmoil in the region may force additional budget for security but past performance proves Israeli impressive ability to overcome”.


          Alcatel Lucent opens global cloud unit in Israel

World giant ‘Alcatel Lucent’ launched its global cloud computing center in Petach-Tikva, Israel. It will have scores of employees by the end of 2011. The new business unit will include an R&D center that will focus on developing cloud-based smart, open, and secure architectures for communications carriers worldwide. :”The decision to open the unit in Israel was made after a thorough examination of several alternative sites in the world. Israelhas a critical mass of people with the understanding and capabilities in IT and telecommunications. The reasons include local high-quality personnel and software engineers with entrepreneurial spirit.

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Automated parking solution


‘Parkomat’is a modular pre-fabricated installation that can be installed and operational in one month –creating a fully automated parking solution 24/7; safe, space efficient, fits in areas that are not useable for conventional parking (like under bridges and narrow or not accessible spots), expendable, transferable, fast, cost effective – perfect solution for busy urban centers. Made in Israel at

Curtsey Dr. Miriam Shelef                              see video demo > 


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      Double the lifespan of roads 

‘AllTech’ developed unique technology to produce precipitated silica, water glass and innovative Asphalt binder that are used in road construction. The factory is under construction in the Negev desert – the mining area of the mineral deposit, being the unique raw material used for this purpose is in Nahal Zinn. Pilot roads paved under inspection of Israeli Standard Institute proved that thisasphalt mix doubles the lifespan of asphalt roads and make the driving experience quieter. The asphalt preparation process is more environmentally friendly than regular asphalt because there was no need to heat the asphalt to a high temperature and it cuts emissions of pollutants by 30%. The result is a substantial reduction in costs. ‘Dimona Silica’has won its first tender to pave a road in China.



Biofuel breakthrough

A subsidiary of Israel Corporation; renewable energy unitIC Green Energyhas developed a process to convert biomass into standard automotive fuels. These fuels require no engine customization and utilize the existing fuel distribution infrastructure. The biomass for this process can be grown on marginal lands, without competing with food crops. The product is 93 octane gasolinewhich emits 80% less pollution than gasoline refined from oil.

General (ret.) Dr. Yom Tov Samia, the president of IC Green Energy; “We can produce 2,000 gallons a day of biofuel at our pilot facility.This technology could lead to a positive revolution in the fuel industry, and signals a possible rehab from dependence on oil”.  >



Iranians stunned; worm cause centrifuges self-destruct

At the end of the last month, Iran finally admitted that centrifuges are down as result of computer worm (Stuxnet). The Russians instructed to take out the 163 fuel bars from the < < core in Busher nuclear reactor in order to prevent a disastrous nuclear leak.

The Russian and Iranian security systems failed to protect the nuclear installations from this cyber attack.

The worst came later this month; the centrifuges in Natan, the pride of Iran, are going through a massive self-destruction plague caused by new virus.

 :”We are talking about 2 extraordinary capabilities of the country that developed this worm and also had to be planted manually in Iran proper”.   


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Occasional drizzling but mainly Sunny days with comfortable temperatures around 18 > 25 centigrade.


    Shabat Shalom

Yosi Behar