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                   More – 6.5 trillion Cubic Feet of natural gas

The Myra and Sarah fields have potential reserves of 6.5 trillion C/F of natural gas, according to an analysis by Netherland Sewell & Associates Ltd. The discovery is the third largest gas discovery offshore from Israel, after the 8.6 trillion C/F at Tamar and 16 trillion c/f at Leviathan. Myra and Sarah are located northwest of Netanya, and southeast of Leviathan, and are part of the Levant Basin, which the US Geological Survey estimates has 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gasThere is also an 18% chance that the 2 fields near Netanya contain more than 150 million barrels of oil.


Michelle Bachmann on Israel


Michele Bachmann is a member of the United
States House of Representatives. She is
leading in the recent poll as the Republican candidate to the presidential elections; “Our alliance with Israel is critical for both Nations –America and Israel. Our Christianity faith is rooted in Judaism –light to the nations. We must stand with Israel and ensure that Israel gets stronger. I stand with Israel!. Michele spent a summer working on Kibutz Be’eri near Beer Sheva in 1974; “I was delighted to go back as a Member of Congress To see how Israel has developed – it is nothing short of a miracle!”.   Listen to her live at >  

Curtsey of Doug Ross esquire   >


NYC salutes Birthright Israel

Mayor Bloomberg highlights 11 years of sending nearly 300,000 Jewish young adults to Israel on 10-day trips to Israel. Birthright Israel Month was launched with a Mega Event in New York City with over 1,000 alumni and 200 officials and guests. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg; “thanks to Birthright Israel, thousands of New Yorkers every year travel to Israel to reconnect with their heritage. That is why New York City is proud to join this exemplary organization and the many young Jewish adults who have benefited from its generosity “.

Some 200 events in communities and synagogues across North America throughout the month of May marked Birthright Israel Month. New goal: Sending 51,000 participants annually by 2013.


S. Carolina Unanimously Endorses United Israel’

The South Carolina state legislature has unanimously passed a bill calling on the state of Israel to retain control over the West Bank and highlighting what it terms the “cordial and mutually beneficial relations” enjoyed by Israel and South Carolina since 1948. All 124 members of the South Carolina House of Representatives supported the resolution; many chose to cosponsor the bill, which passed unanimously.Alan Clemmons: ”the State of South Carolina and the nation of Israel have enjoyed cordial and mutually beneficial relations since 1948, a friendship that continues to strengthen with each passing year.”



Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              

New medication to treat diabetic foot ulcers or burns

A low cost, nanometer-sized drug to treat chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers or burns, has been developed by a group of scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

 Find more information at >


Human growth hormone in children

European Medicines Pediatric Committee has accepted Prolor‘s plan for a clinical trial of its long-acting human growth hormone in children in Europe.

Nes-Ziona, Israel– June 20, 2011 – PROLOR Biotech pediatric investigation plan for clinical development of its long-acting human growth hormone (hGH-CTP) has been accepted for review by the Pediatric Committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Following promising efficacy and safety interim results in its ongoing Phase II trial of hGH-CTP in growth hormone-deficient adults, PROLOR is now actively pursuing development of hGH-CTP for the treatment of growth hormone-deficient children.

http /://

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 Help the blind navigate

Dr. Amir Amedi of Jerusalem Hebrew University developed the ‘virtual cane’ which uses sonar sensors that enables the blind to navigate. The inexpensive device (~$100) emits a focused beam at objects around the user and transmits the visual information to him via a gentle vibration. There are 200 million visually impaired people globally and most face multiple difficulties in orientation and navigation.
This device, the size of a cellphone estimates the distance between the user and the object it is pointed at, enables the blind person to assess the height and distance of various objects, reconstruct an accurate image of the surroundings and navigate safely. The “virtual cane” is easy to carry and accurate and can function for up to 12 hours between charges.



  Good news for uveitis (eye disease) patients

Can-Fite developed an anti-inflammatory drug CF101 for the treatment of uveitis, an eye disease that can cause blindness. Can-Fite’s ophthalmology activity is based on one molecule – CF101 – which is undergoing three clinical trials: a Phase III trial for dry-eye syndrome, a Phase II trial for glaucoma and it is about to begin a Phase II trial for uveitis. >



40new solar plants to connect the grid this summer.

 Arava solar power is building 40 new plants, which will begin providing electricity to some 1,000 residents this summer.  Israel is pushing to become a world leader in alternative energy, with the government backing cutting-edge technologies and setting a goal to have 10% of its electricity generated by alternative means by 2020. More >

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Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Unemployment down to 5.8% – an all-time low

 Unemployment rate has reached an all-time low, standing at only 5.8% in April. Labor market data indicate a continued expansionary trend in employment and a drop in unemployment, with a moderate increase in wages.

Economy Expanding 

The Israeli economy is continuing to expand steadily. Tax revenues in January–May were 7.4 percent higher, in real terms, than the corresponding period last year. 

 The Bank of Israel revised its growth forecast for 2011 upwards, to 5.2 % (compared with 4.5 % in the previous forecast). The Central Bureau of Statistics trends survey reflects positive expectations of activity in the principal industries in the next few months. Consumer confidence indices are still at a high level, expressing an optimistic view of economic activity.



             Incentives for housing in the periphery

The government approved a new plan meant to increase available housing units and alleviate the shortage in apartments, which has become the plight of young couples in Israel over the past few years. The plan will offer contractors incentives to building apartment buildings, and will offer young couples choosing to reside in the periphery additional Nis 100 000 (~ $28 000) grant in cash to the incentives offered today. A list of 27 cities was published from Nahariya in the North to Dimona in the South.,7340,L-3522194,00.html


Work to begin on Acre-Carmiel railway

Trains will travel at speed of 160 kilometers / hour. The Acre-Carmiel railway is one of three railway lines scheduled for electrification. The others are the Jezreel Valley line and the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem high-speed line. The Acre-Carmiel railway calls for a double track along its 23-kilometer route paralleling Road 85 between the towns, at a total cost of NIS 2.8 billion.Terre Armee Ltd. has won the first tender in the Acre-Carmiel railway project.

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 4 Israeli start-ups in ‘Red Herring Top 100’

Four Israeli start-ups made the Red Herring Top 100 North America list for 2011; text mining solutions developer Digital Trowel Inc., automated fiber optic management solution developer Fiberzone Networks Inc., disk-based data protection solutions developer Sepaton Inc., and video conferencing solutions developer Vidyo Inc.


  ‘S1’ corp. invests $700 million in Israeli Fundtech’

Financial services provider S1 Corp. agreed to buy ‘Fundtech’ based in Tel-Aviv for $700 million.

S1, which is present in Latin America and Africa, will tap ‘Fundtech’ presence in India and Western Europe to expand in those areas.‘S1’ and ‘Fundtech’ cater to big names in the banking industry including JPMorgan Chase, Citi, UBS and Barclays.


Turning wastewater into energy

 GE is making its first non-US and first water-related investment by providing capital to Emefcy, an Israeli company that can turn wastewater treatment from a huge energy drain to an electricity generator.The utilization of waste dissolved in water as a source of energy revolutionizes the field of wastewater treatment as well as that of power generation.Emefcy’ eliminates the energy consumption for wastewater treatment, by applying the principle of microbial fuel cells (MFC) for the direct production of electricity or hydrogen from wastewater.

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Day temperatures around 22 centigrade


Shabat Shalom

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