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               Arrow 3 tested successfully

Last week; Israel has tested the Arrow 3 interceptor, its new anti-ballistic, long-range air defense system. The Arrow 3 shot down a mock enemy ballistic missile in a trial flight. The Arrow 3 is expected to be able to intercept ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction at more than 100 kilometers above the earth’s surface – beyond the boundary between earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Arrow 3 is intended to provide the topmost level of protection in a planned framework for countering various rocket and missile threats to Israel from any direction.  Israel and the U.S. conducted a successful joint test of the Arrow system off of the U.S.’s west coast in February. During the test, the Arrow was launched from an American test site on the West Coast, and the target – which simulates a threat that Israel may have to face in battle – was launched toward the shore from a platform in the heart of the Pacific Ocean



René Stadtkewitz; IDF protects also our freedom in Germany

;“Israel is in the front line between the free world and Islam. The devotion of the IDF is vital not only to the survival of Israel, but also to our freedom in Germany. I feel thankful to the IDF for that”. “Don’t give them (the Arabs) anything! Because there will never be an end for their demands. Their ultimate goal is to destroy Israel”.
The west bank is indeed the historical Judea and Samaria (and not the “west bank”) and belongs to the Jewish people. Israel presence in this area is with no doubt essential for its ability to secure itself.”

“The missiles are what Israel got as a respond to the peace attempts. The people in Gaza must understand that it doesn’t work like that, but this is the Islamic ideology…”

“ in Europe we share the threat of the Islam; this brings to the conclusion that the freedom of Israel is the freedom of us. Israel and Germany are partners!”



Yoram Etinger    former ambassador to the US

Is Israelisolated /boycotted? Is time running out on the Jewish State? On the contrary – time is on Israel’s side: From a $1BN GDP in 1949, Israel surged to a $240BN economy, rated among the top OEDC economies.  The rising economic powers of the globe, China, Brazil and (especially) India, significantly expand trade with Israel; Europe appoints Israelis to head its high-technology commissions; China lobbies to get Israel’s expected export of natural gas; Europe, the former USSR and the Third Word seek cooperation with Israel’s medical, agricultural, scientific and technological sectors; Israel is the 4th largest defense exporter in the world; Israel’s export is increasingly based on unique niches in the vial areas of health, medical devices, pharmaceutics, biomed, telecommunications, energy alternatives, water, agriculture and the Internet; overseas investment in Israel surge, etc. Politically, all major western countries support Israel by-and-large following Israeli clever diplomacy.  

Yoram Etinger at > http://t.co/oVfZE9L


IAI defense systems protecting Israel

This is real – not a science fiction movie. See and content your heart;

This video clip exposes some of the warfare capabilitiesdeveloped andproduced at the IsraeliAirspace Industries

Courtesy of Livia Trauber           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUol9NQaSew&feature=youtube_gdata_player


The piece-by-piece process

It is not about land – it is about the very existence of Israel

Israel is a tiny country surrounded by Arab countries 650 times its size.

See this short presentation – it says all about our security >



Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              

Improving cancer therapy 

Professor Zelig Eshhar and his team at the Weizmann Institute have found a way to make cancer therapy better and less expensive.One of the latest attempts to boost the body’s defenses against cancer is called adoptive cell transfer, in which patients receive a therapeutic injection of their own immune cells. This therapy is currently in early trials for melanoma and neuro-blastoma. Removing immune cells from a patient and growing them outside the body for future re-injection is extremely expensive and not always technically feasible. Weizmann Institute scientists have now tested a new form of adoptive cell transfer which overcomes these limitations while enhancing the tumor-fighting ability of the transferred cells. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/146035


 Distinguish between bacterial and viral infection

The new discovery of Professor Robert Marks at Ben Gurion University made this important discovery that can prevent the drastic overuse of antibiotics and growing resistance of bacteria to the drugs, which are not effective against viruses. By merely studying the glow produced by a sample of a patient’s blood it is possible to distinguish between viral or bacterial infection. This will enhance better diagnostics in addition to the reduction in improper use of antibiotics. The new test will affect global healthcare and reduce the constant need for developing new antibiotics.

Read all about it at > http://web.bgu.ac.il/Eng/fohs/ResearchCenters/Cemta/aboutUs/thecentermembers/profile_Marks.htm


New trauma center inaugurated in Kiryat Shmona


Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC) in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona inaugurates its new trauma center built with the support of UJA Federation of New York. The building with facilities to treat children and adults, a library to run seminars and conduct research, space to accommodate training for scholars and practitioners from Israel and abroad has finally come true. This is due first and foremost to the friendship and support of UJA-Federation of New York.”



Judean Barley mutation may help Solve Food Crisis

The chance discovery of a genetic mutation in wild barely in the Judean Desert has led Haifa University scientists to discover a new gene that played a role in allowing aquatic plants to grow on land and may allow wheat and barley to grow in arid areas.The discovery of the Judean Desert barley mutation was made by a Chinese student, Guoxiong, during his doctoral study conducted under supervision of university Professor Eviatar Nevo at the University of Haifa and has led to an international study published in the prestigious scientific journal PNAS.Genetic enhancement of cultivated plants to make them durable in dry and saline conditions can increase food production around the world,” the researcher concluded. > http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/146059



Tourism.  Archeology:                                                                                                      

Travel & Leisure magazine; Jerusalem voted world’s 11th best city

Leading American magazine ‘Travel & Leisure’has been conducting its annual reader survey for the past 16 years, ranking cities, hotels, airlines, spa resorts, islandsetc. It isdistributed in one million copies across the world.76% of the tourists who arrived in Israel in the first half of 2010 visited Jerusalem and the capital’s sites – led by the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa, Yad Vashem and the Mount of Olives.


2,000-year-old golden bell found in J’lem

   A tiny golden bell which was lost in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago during the Second Temple period has been found in Jerusalem.This bell, thought to have been adornment which was sewn onto garments of one of high priests during the Second Temple period, uncovered during excavation work on drainage channel in City of David.

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Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Eilat canal port as alternative to Suez Canal

PM Netanyahu has ordered for constructing a canal port in Eilat. Chinese companies ofer to build the port, planned for the north coast of Eilat. Together with a railway line linked directly to the port, it will form an alternative to the Suez Canal as a trade route. The plan for the canal port was presented to the PM, ministers of finance and transport, the mayor of Eilat, and representatives of the Israel Ports Company.  A deep water canal will be dug at the northern end of Eilat, next to the border with Jordan. The canal port would be able to handle containers that would be transported by rail.  http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000666227&fid=1725



New international airport approved

The Cabinet has approved plans for a new international airport at Timna to replace the current facility in Eilat. Timna, where the airport is to be located, is about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) north of Eilat.At present, the airport is located in Eilat city center. Construction of the new facility, to be named the Ramon Airport, is expected to take three years at a cost of $460 million.  > http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/146032


Unemployment rate at all-time low

The unemploymentrate has been steadily falling since the beginning of the year, from 6.1% in January to 5.7% in May. This means that most of the civilian labor force that wants to work is working.

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 Israeli youth won medals at Physics Olympiad in Bangkok

Israel‘s delegation to the International Physics Olympiad returned home Tuesday, bringing five medals – 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze. The gold winners were Asaf Rosen (from Modi’in), Gal Dor (Petach Tikva), while BenFeinstein (Modi’in) and Gur Peri (Mazkeret Batya) won the silver. Aviv Frenkel from Netanya won the bonze medal.  84 countries participated in the event, which is considered the premiere physics competition in the world.  This year’s Olympiad, the 42nd since the competition was first organized in 1967, was held in Bangkok, Thailand (Israel is set to host the competition in 2019.  >   Israel Hayom 18 July page 19.                        


  Gold and bronze medal in Math Olympiad in Holland  

  Math Olympiad in Holland; Rom Dudkevic from Ramat-Gan Blich high-school won the Gold medal and 4 other Israeli students; guy Ravve’, Yoav Kraus, Tom Prestner and Constantine Zabarani won the bronze. The Israeli students were prepared by the ‘Weizman institute’ for this grand international event. Minister of Education Gideon Saar; “congratulations to our wonderful youth who made us all very proud”.   

Israel Hayom 24 July 2011 page 21      


Ten US doctors came to make Israel their home

Ten North American doctors arrived in Israel on Monday to live with us; “I believe a Jew’s place is in Israel,” said Dr. Ilana Motz, a radiologist from New-Jersey. “I am leaving a good practice in the United States, but Israel is the home of the Jewish people,”The other doctors include a specialist in emergency treatment, 2 pediatricians, a psychiatrist and 5 dentists. More than 300 physicians have moved to Israel through ‘Nefesh B’Nefesh’ since its inception in 2002.

> http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/146103

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Leahy Behar celebrated the end of the school year with the trophy

 Shabat Shalom

Yosi Behar