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Israeli innovations inMedicine contributing to worlds’ Healthcare:

  New treatment for Buerger’s disease

FDA approvedPluristem PLXfor the treatment of thrombo-anglitis obliterans (Buerger disease).Buerger’s Disease is a rare and severe disease affecting the blood vessels of the extremities. It is characterized by inflammation and clotting of the vessels that result in a reduced blood flow to these areas. Severe pain and ulcers or necrosis of the extremities may occur, which may lead to amputation. Buerger’s Disease affects approximately 50,000 patients in the United States and Europe. As there are no established treatments available, there is a strong medical need for the development of drugs for this indication. Various sources estimate the market for the treatment of Buerger’s disease to be approximately $2.5 billion. Read all about this


An answer to Juvenile diabetes?

A peptide named DiaPep277 developed in Yavne/Israel by ‘Andromeda Biotech’ offers a promising treatment for the Type 1 diabetes (“juvenile”). This will improve the lives of millions worldwide that presently must inject insulin on a daily basis. Thus, closely watched by 115 medical centers in America Europe and Israel. This synthetic peptide is a chemical link extracted from a long protein chain. It modulates the immune system, halts the progression of the disease and helps the ability to secrete insulin. $40 million already invested in this research by TEVA and CLAL.

Dr. ShlomoDagan, right, with Prof. Irun Cohen at Andromeda Biotech’s lab.


Alleviate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Psychological counseling and medications have been most commonly given to victims of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who experience a traumatic event. But now, magnetic stimulation of the brain has been found in preliminary trials at Hadasa University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem to alleviate PTSD.The results of this painless, non-invasive treatment show that it is effective and safe in treating PTSD, whose symptoms include reliving the event, thus disturbing daily routines; repeated nightmares; strong, uncomfortable reactions to situations that remind victims of trauma of the event; emotional “numbing”; a feeling of detachment and lacking a future; avoiding places that remind them of the event; difficulty concentrating; irritability; and sleep problems, among others. The magnetic signals cause electrical changes that “wake up” brain neurons.


A dip in the Dead Sea helps diabetics


Prof. Shaul Sukenik from Soroka Medical center found that a short dip in the Dead Sea facilitates a drop in blood glucose levels and improve the medical conditions of diabetics. The study involved an initial group of individuals who suffered from Type 2 diabetes. Following a 20-minute, one-time dip in the Dead Sea water, the study subjects showed a significant 13.5 % drop in blood glucose levels, from an average of 163 mg/dl to 151 mg/dl immediately after the dip. The blood glucose levels dropped even further, to an average of 141.4 mg/dl, an hour after the dip in the Dead Sea water. Another control group involving healthy individuals did not produce any significant differences between the measurements taken after their dips in the Dead Sea water. The research also found the dip in the Dead Sea water did not adversely affect other blood values, including levels of insulin and cortisone hormones, and also their c-peptide levels, which are an indication of the ability to produce insulin in the pancreas.




Jerusalem‘s walls restored


Jerusalem‘s stone walls are 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) in length. They include 7 gates. Israeli experts are nearing completion of an ambitious restoration of the 5-century-old walls of Jerusalem. The $5 million undertaking, which began in 2007, is set to be complete by the end of this year. It has required decisions about which of the walls’ many idiosyncrasies – the falcon nests, for example, the hundreds of machine-gun bullets, the botched restorations of years past – are flaws to be corrected, and which have earned a place in Jerusalem’s story and are thus worth preserving.,7340,L-4113831,00.html


Digital tour of Jerusalem

  Travelers to the Old City of Jerusalem can now tour the city’s historical, religious and cultural sites with new self-guided digital JerusaleMP3 walking tours. The digital tours come complete with maps and explanations available in 4 languages, enriching the touring experience through the Old City.

The multimedia audio tours also include video and can be operated from a Smartphone or similar audio device, and are free for download. To download a JerusaleMP3 walking tour, 

Kabalat Shabat Service at the Tel Aviv Port

An extraordinary Shabat experience, takes place at sunset every Friday; Kabalat Shabat Service at the Tel Aviv Port that includes original and modern tunes by Israeli musicians Yoni Rechter, Shlomo Gronich and the lead vocalist of the Beit Tefilah ensemble is Atalya Lavi. The combination of the old and the new, of the traditional prayers, Hebrew secular texts and current Israeli tunes creates an uplifting experience that brings the Jewish prayer closer and makes it more accessible, relevant and meaningful to the lives of secular and traditional Israelis alike. >
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 Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

 ‘SalesForce’ invests in Israel 

Software giant ‘SalesForce’ buys Israeli ‘NavaJo’ for $30 million and will establish its development center in Tel-Aviv. ‘Navajo’ develops information security services for remote controlled (cloud) software. Total investment in developing Navajo was $2.5 million. A new group of Israelis became millionaires as result of this venture.,7340,L-3529451,00.html


Exports up 3.7% in second Quarter 2011 

Exports by Israel’s 100 biggest exporters rose 3.7% to $7.13 billion in the second quarter of 2011 from $6.88 billion in the preceding quarter, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor announced today. All four manufacturing sectors drove export growth in the second quarter: high-tech exports rose 1.8% over the preceding quarters; mixed-high tech exports rose 1%; mixed-low technology exports rose 12.%, and low technology exports rose 8.1%.


Unemployment rate falls to all-time low

The unemployment rate fell from 6% in the first quarter of 2011 to 5.5% in the second quarter.   Practically, there is no unemployment at all if the Arab and ultra-orthodox sectors are not included in this scale. In other words; everyone who wants to work can find a job.                                                                                                                          –  Bank industry reports 30% rise in profits at first half of 2011 totaling Nis 4 billion in 6 months (~$1.15Bn).    

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Nigeria will stand closer with Israel

Nigerian Pastor Enoch Adeboye (named one of the world’s 50 most influential people by Newsweek) is visiting Israel with dozens of senior officials from several African countries; ”The link between Nigeria and Israel is going stronger. Our president will visit Israel this year and PM B. Netanyahu will come to Nigeria. I do not see why anyone should think that the Jews may not live in their homeland. I believe that no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to move the Nation of Israel from the place G-d gave their forefathers.” 

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                               GOP Hopeful Herman Cain in Israel: Jerusalem Is One     

         Herman Cain, who won a straw vote and a very successful businessman in Georgia, said in Israel on Sunday that dividing Jerusalem “is not even a consideration” Although media have tried to brainwash the public.  Cain also noted that the small area of Israel requires it to hold on the Golan Heights, which he saw as strategically important. ;” Israel is more interested in peace than the Arabs” and it has “given up enough in terms of trying to facilitate peace.”   See video at   

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           ‘SpotLite-P’ – solution to sniper fire

The IDF has a new solution to sniper fire; The SpotLite-P system locates sources of enemy sniper fire quickly and precisely, allowing IDF snipers to target the enemy almost immediately. The electro-optic systemdetects multiple sniper fire sources simultaneously, day and night, at long ranges and with high precision giving IDF snipers a constant flow of information, allowing them to narrow in on enemy snipers quickly and solving the problem. Among its tools are a thermo graphic camera, a CCD camera, GPS, a laser indicator, and a data processing unit.SpotLite, developed by Rafael industries, can begin searching for its target even before the enemy has a chance to open fire. It seeks out suspicious activity and can be told to focus on a particular area.


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Back to school

Almost 2 million pupils and 134 thousand teachers started yesterday the new school year in Israel.

125 000 begin first grade.

3rd consecutive year that school year opens without strike as in previous years. Major reforms implemented in the education system; teachers will get a 51% raise in salary plus bonuses for excellent results. Students will get more school hours plus personal assistance from teachers at school after hours.

Curriculum will include special emphasis on; human and Jewish values, healthy food (fighting kid’s obesity) and environmental issues. 




Day temperatures around 28 centigrade, very light rain in the mornings.


  Shabat Shalom

Yosi Behar