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PM Netanyahu’s Greeting for Rosh Hashana 5772



ISRAEL: The New Golden Country for young and single Jewish


Israel has matured into an economic powerhouse boasting an ever-increasing GDP, strong currency, a low unemployment rate and a rich and diverse culture.Aliyah is increasingly becoming a normative lifestyle choice for recent college graduates and young professionals from western countries; “how we define ourselves as individuals, advance our career and choose where to live”. From recent trends in Aliyah, it emerges that many young singles at this juncture in their lives are realizing that their future is in Israel. Since 2002, over 7,000 students and young professionals have made Aliyah from North America and the UK, bringing with them their skills, idealism and determination to contribute to a society that is at the forefront of global technology.
Read more at > http://www.jpost.com/PromoContent/Article.aspx?id=232080


Spanish FM; Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People


Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez in her speech in the General Assemblydeclared Israel in the United NationsThe embodiment of the project to create a homeland for the Jewish people”.  Israel should remain a “Jewish State,” undermining the Arab world’s attempt to flood Israel with several million foreign Arabs. She rejected the demand by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abas “right of return,”for the mass immigration of Arabs to Israel in a way that would reduce Jews to a minority. > http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/148278


Canada’s Foreign Minister Supports Israel in UN Speech


Canada‘s Foreign Minister John Baird said in his address to the UN that his country “will not accept or stay silent” while Israel is attacked.Canada will strongly and unequivocally support the state of Israel. John Baird reiterated his country’s position not going along with the unilateral actions of the PA authority. “Our government’s position has been clear—the only solution to this issue is one that is negotiated by the two parties themselves.” “We uphold Israel’s right to defend innocent civilians against acts of terrorism.Canada will not accept or stay silent while the Jewish state is attacked for defending its territory and its citizens,”Canada has been a long-time supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear last week that his country will staunchly back Israel.




Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              


Promising drug for Hemophilia

‘Factor VIIa’ developed by ‘Prolor Biotech’ proved positive results in a preclinical (animal) trial of its longer-acting version of the hemophilia treatment. Prolors’ Factor VIIa showed a significantly longer half-life and duration of clotting activity compared with the commercial drug. Factor VIIa is used to treat acute bleeding episodes and to prevent bleeding in hemophilia A and hemophilia B patients who have developed inhibitors against treatment with either Factor VIII or Factor IX.  > http://www.prolor-biotech.com/


Good news for TCC patients

Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) is a common form of bladder cancer that has a high rate of recurrence and an extremely high rate of survival when detected as early as possible. RealView Medical is pioneering an exciting new development for on-demand monitoring of the bladder. The RealView miniature imaging capsule provides a non-invasive, long-term monitoring solution for TCC patients. There is no need for the OR. No anesthesia.

RealView procedure saves a significant amount of the physician’s time compared to cystoscopy which is the gold standard today. > http://www.realview-medical.com/


Tourism.  Archeology:                                                                                                      

El Al, WestJet sign historic deal       

Canadian Airline WestJet and Israel’s airline El Al announced a joint move where tickets purchased on El Al for Toronto, can now be purchased combining connecting flights to one of WestJet’s 30 Canadian destinations, as well as Florida and the Caribbean. http://www.elal.co.il/elal/english/states/usa/


 Dead Sea scrolls go online  


 The most ancient biblical manuscript gives us a new perspective about ancient time’s society. The greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, 2000 years after they were written, Google makes it available online with very high resolution – for everyone to explore.Israel‘s national museum is behind the project, which put 5 scrolls online Monday. The scrolls include the biblical Book of Isaiah.

Also in English translation.  See this video> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rYj_0foJYA&feature=player_embedded



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Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Work Begins on Tel Aviv Light Rail system


Bulldozers began working Wednesday on 3 stations for the new light rail system. The project is planned to include subway tunnels and is scheduled to be completed by 2017 at cost of $3.1 Billion. First 3 underground digs are 23 meters deep in Bney-Brak, Menahem Begin road in Tel-Aviv and Galey-Gil parking lot in Ramat-Gan. The first line (‘red line’) is 22 kilometers long to connect Petach-Tikva, Bnei-Brak, Ramat-Gan and Tel-Aviv with 33 stations, of which 10 are underground. The ‘green line’ is 14 kilometers connecting Rishon via Holon to Tel-Aviv. More lines are in planning stages.   http://www.nrg.co.il/online/16/ART2/288/642.html


IMF upgrades Israeli growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund predicts that the Israeli economy’s growth rate will reach 4.8% in 2011, compared to a previous forecast of 3.8%. The figures were published in the September edition of the organization’s world outlook ahead of the IMF meeting in Washington. In 2012, inflation is expected to drop to 1.6% – within the government’s target range of 1-3%. Israel’s unemployment rate has already dropped to 5.4% this year, and the average is expected to stand at 5.6%. http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey/so/2009/res012809a.htm


SOCIETY,culture, art                                                                                                                  

   Over 8 million live in Israel

 Jewish New Year 5772; The Central Bureau of Statistics reports that Israel’s population has risen by 1.9% over the past year to 7,797,400 -75% Jewish, 20% Arabs and 5% other minorities. In addition, there are 217,000 foreign workers residing in the country, taking the total number of people living in Israel above 8 million.Israeli population is relatively young with 28% of Israelis aged 0-14 compared with 17% in other Western countries. 10% of Israelis are aged over 65 compared with 15% of the population in other western countries.  166 000 babies were born this year compared with 130 000 last year.  http://www.cbs.gov.il/reader/?MIval=cw_usr_view_Folder&ID=141




Gymnastics; Neta Rivkin wins historic medal 


Rhythmic gymnast Neta Rivkin on Tuesday won a historic medal for Israel at the 2011 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Montpellier, France. 

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  ‘Samsung’ chooses TowerJazz

< Samsung VP Dr. Jae Shin Lee; “TowerJazz is well-known in Korea, especially in the power management market, and we are looking forward to our collaboration on many high volume products”.

 ‘TowerJazz’ technology provides devices that support high voltage range switching and low voltage devices to facilitate the integration required to drive greener AC to DC solutions. TowerJazz will be Samsung‘s preferred supplier for all its products that use the power platform and provide a capacity guarantee. The first products are expected to be in the market in the second half of 2012. > http://www.towerjazz.com/


 Improving wheat yield and drought tolerance


‘Evogene’ has succeeded to develop improved varieties of wheat through the application of advanced breeding techniques. Evogene offers a complete solution for plant trait improvement through combining state-of-the-art biotechnology and advanced breeding methods to address the global and growing demand for food, feed and fuel.

This development is a significant contribution to boost wheat crop worldwide. 


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                                   If I were a Jew…

  < Prof. Pat Condell on Antisemitism

;”If I were a Jew, even a non Zionist, I would want to see a strong Israel because when push comes to shove – people simply will not stand up for Jews. We’ve seen it historically”.

: “Islamic mentality views any concessions as sign of weakness to be exploited further.

– “Arabs are less concerned with peace and freedom than with driving the Jews into the sea. Jew hatred is embedded in their culture and is bread right into the children”.

The truth is that Jews have contributed to humanity more than any other group of people. They are at the top of science, medicine and technology. Wherever is progress in this world – you will find some Jew making all the difference. Israel is a world technological leader, alone in the Middle-East –like a diamond in a sea of mud.

– If you really believe that Jews are evil manipulators – don’t tell me, tell it to a doctor – not a Jewish one.”

Curtsey of Kenneth L. Stein    pearls pf wisdomhttp://www.therightscoop.com/pat-condell-lets-blame-the-jews/  



Expecting day temperatures around 26 centigrade (~ 80 F) with little rain in the mornings



Shana Tova 5772

Yosi Behar