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Great news for Mr. Warren Buffet


Warren Buffet:”If you go to the Meddle-East looking for oil, you do not need to stop in Israel. But, if you are looking for brains, for energy and for integrity, the only stop you need is in –Israel.”

Shortly after Mr. Buffet invested over $4 billion in Israel,Americangiant “Nobel  Energy“ together with Israeli partners, found the world greatest natural gas and oil bonanza of the century – enough to supply all the energy that Israel needs for 30 years and also export huge quantities.

Curtsey of Eitan Yariv Brig. Gen. (res.)               


Son of Hamas


Mosab Hasan Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yusef one of the founding members of Hamas, author of the book ‘Son of Hamas’:” We have to face reality before it is too late! – Israel is not the problem of the Middle-East – Israel is the solution for the Middle-East”.

: For over 60 years, Arabs seek to destroy the state Israel, NOT to build a Palestinian state. Hamas is a terrorist organization responsible for the great suffering of the Palestinians and for the death of thousands innocent Israelis, Arabs and others. The truth is that there is a religious war between Western civilization and the Barbarians following the hatred and violent behavior of Muhamad. Israel is not seeking revenge. It wants to survive and build, not to destroy others. If Israel fails –The Western civilization fails”.  

Curtsey of Joshua Behar



Israeli innovations in Medicine, Healthcare:                                                                              

Procter & Gamble combine with TEVA 

Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer products maker has combined some of its drug units with Jerusalem-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a move that should help the companies expand in China and other emerging markets. The new unit will have revenue of about $1.3 billion and has the potential to reach $4 billion by the end of the decade.


New Cancer Vaccine in Clinical Trials in Jerusalem

ImMucin, A synthetic cancer vaccine developed by VAXIL has just started last phase of clinical trials at Hadasa University Medical Center in Jerusalem. The vaccine, produced by Vaxil BioTherapeutics, is being tested against a type of blood cancer known as multiple Myeloma. But if the vaccine works – and so far all the signs are positive – the VaxHit basic technology that supports the vaccine might also be used to fight other forms of the disease



New Herods hotel on Herzliya beach


New $90 million investment by Roni Yitzhaki to build in a Herods hotel on an “island” surrounded by the Mediterranean on 3 sides off the coast of Herzliya.

The 230-room hotel is slated to be complete in 2013.


Next month, the Leonardo boutique hotel will open in the science park near the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot.


  Biking in Tel Aviv

Dozens of stations all over the city ofer thousands of bicycles to be used by anyone who chooses the easy way to commute on Tel Aviv special lanes allocated for cyclists, by-passing the busy roads.      

     One can pick-up a bicycle in one station and return it in any other – any time 24/7.     see this video  at Utube >  

read all about this wonderful facility at >


Bruce, Madona, Lady Gaga, Baryshnikov, Red Hot Chili… 

  During the coming summer we shall see Bruce Springsteen, Madona, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Baryshnikov, Anna Laguna…and more – will perform in Israel.


Mikhail Baryshnikov: “I admire this wonderful country”

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Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Stan Fischer sees no recession in US, Europe

Following recent economic developments in the world, Bank of Israel governor Prof Staley Fisher convenes press conference on global economic crisis, says Israel ‘can ride through this period successfully. “The situation in the US is reasonable. It’s not good, but there is growth and no foreseeable danger, at least in the short term, for the US to enter another recession. 2.5% growth in 2012 – that’s not impressive and not close to the potential growth rate, but it’s a relatively good growth rate.The expectation for European growth next year is less than 0.5% – that’s not a recession, but an undesirable situation”. Scenarios and remedies; Full article at >,7340,L-4148635,00.html


Water technology sales top $2 billion

Over 100 exhibitors from around the world are participating in the third Watec Conference on Water Technologies, Renewable Energy and Environmental Control in Tel Aviv this weak. Foreign delegations include representatives from South Korean water companies and the first ever delegation from Russia. This year, Israeli water technology companies’ sales will be over $2 billion.


South Korea wants Israeli Gas

Natural gas company Tamar led by Delek Group  and Noble Energy Inc are close signing a multibillion dollar 15-year contract with South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to build and operate a floating liquefied natural gas terminal, which will enable natural gas exports from the reservoir.

The gas produced from the well will be cooled to minus 160 Centigrade for transport in liquefied gas tankers to South Korea. The price of natural gas in Korean is 2-3 times higher than in Israel.


 New pipeline to connect Jerusalem to desalination plant

Mekorot National Water Company approved the construction of the 5th water line to Jerusalem with the investment of $320 million. The new Water Line to Jerusalem will be open in 2018. It will enable to quadruple the water deliveries to Jerusalem; from 414,000 cubic meters a day to 1.66 million cubic meters a day.

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   Useful idiots 

The phrase “useful idiots” was coined by Lenin to describe the revolution’s admirers in the US and Europe who were willfully blind about the Communist Party’s mass murders, deportations, forced starvations and general disregard for any semblance of human rights.

 Pat Condell, British, amazingly clear-headed political analyst, cuts through the liberal rhetoric to define what it means today to support the “Palestinian cause.”

 Listen and be amazed that it’s possible to articulate so truthfully the sorry truth

Curtsey of Dr. Meir Monselise                                


52 olim arrive from North America

52 North American olim arrived in Israel on Thursday on a Nefesh B’Nefesh Group Aliyah Flight.

29 000 Olim from America came to make Israel their permanent home since this organization was founded in 2002.     




 Solution for mercury emission by ‘Dead Sea Bromide’    

Dead Sea Bromide company developed a new bromine-based solution called “Markwell” that neutralizes mercury emissions from coal burned in power stations.  Dead Sea Bromide co is preparing forincreased demand for the new solution in US power stations and other countries around the world, including China.Dead Sea Bromide Company sales in 2010 totaled $1.3 billion.

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 Google sets up incubator in Tel-Aviv

 Google Inc. is preparing to open an incubator in Israel in August 2012. The official announcement was at Google Israel’s annual conference for developers on Monday. The incubator will begin operations when Google Israel enters its new offices in the Electra Tower in Tel Aviv. The company will occupy several floors of the building, one of which will be for the incubator including 20 pre-seed start-ups. ;”The Israeli developers community is innovative and sizzling. It has great potential. The incubator is part of Google’s operations to deepen its ties with the Israeli developers’ community”. Google Israel presented 5 new Android applications this week.



‘Bio Pack’ repels the bugs off supermarket shelves


    Bio[pack] preserves food by keeping bugs away from the places where it is handled and from the packages they are stored in – safely and efficiently, based on natural elements. Using advanced technology, Bio[pack] has developed packaging and storage containers (retail and industrial) that keep bugs away using naturally-occurring bug repellents in fruits, vegetables, grains and spices. Bio Pack products are in fact extracts of plants that repel insects from factories and warehouses, as well as from packages on supermarket shelves.     

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Day temperatures around 14 – 20 centigrade.

Timely rain – moderate quantities. More precipitation is expected these days.



Shabat Shalom

Yosi Behar