It occurred to me today that the world seems to view Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PRC (Popular Resistance Committee), etc very “paternally”.

What I mean by this is that they are seen as a minor annoyance, almost as if they were vandalizing Southern Israel with their little rockets and mortars.  That since they rarely injure anyone seriously, their “toys” are not to be taken seriously.

As a result, when Israel decides to “spank” them, the world focuses their attention on Israel, in a way blaming them for abusing the “children”.

Today, Israel “spanked” the PRC by killing two of its upper level commanders, including the “man” who masterminded the kidnapping of Gilad Schalit.  The reaction from Gaza was immediate, with dozens of rockets, including GRAD rockets, launched at Israel.

Now, we can anticipate the world’s outcry, blaming Israel and crying crocodile tears for the Palestinians killed in Israel’s raids on rocket launchers.

Of course, most of the world couldn’t care less about the Palestinians, in reality.  If they did, their focus would be not only on Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, but on the conditions of Palestinians in “Refugee Camps” all over the Middle East, where Palestinians are not allowed by law (hmmmm – Apartheid, anyone?) to engage in a wide variety of professions, to become educated, to work, or to become citizens of the various countries in which they reside and have resided for many, many years.

Unfortunately, however; These groups are NOT children, their “toys” ARE deadly, and Israelis have been lucky that their physical casualties have been relatively light.  Given the thousands of rockets and mortars launched at Israel, including 69 in 2012 alone (so far!), it’s amazing that these “toys” haven’t killed or seriously injured many more people than they have.

The psychological cost cannot be over-estimated, though.

With somewhere near a million or so Israelis living under the fear of rockets coming out of the sky at any time, these mischievous little brats from Gaza have had much more of an effect than they might have anticipated.

Unfortunately for them, a day of reckoning cannot be far off.

I suspect that sooner, rather than later, Israel will have no choice but to mount a major offensive on Gaza to root out these crazies, who would rather die than make peace with even the idea of a Jewish state.

That day cannot come too soon, in my opinion.