What is so difficult for the “Quartet” to understand?

What is so difficult for the “Quartet” to understand?

For there to be peace, both sides have to actually want peace.

There have been ample (and beyond) opportunities over the years for peace. The Palestinians have actively torpedoed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Israel, in spite of the broad proclamations by left wing “pundits”, the Palestinians, and much of the EU, Arab world, etc., HAS made significant offers, and has proven several times that they are willing to compromise and sacrifice for peace.

They gave up the Sinai for peace with Egypt, uprooting the community of Yamit.  They withdrew from Gaza 100%, uprooting thousands of Israeli citizens, leaving behind homes, businesses, etc. They have offered, numerous times, to settle borders and land swaps in face to face negotiations, only to have that door slammed in their face time after time under the pretext that they weren’t willing to do whatever it was the Palestinians demanded that week. It’s pretty simple, really.

For there to be peace, BOTH sides have to want it.

In Israel, education is about democracy, human rights, equal rights, and their legal system supports those things.

In the Palestinian territories, education is about killing Jews, obliterating Israel, Palestine “from the river to the sea” (code for no more Israel), glorifying those who murder Jews, and instilling a culture of hatred and intolerance.

Unfortunately, Israel actively WANTS peace, while the Palestinians are deathly afraid of making ANY compromise and do NOT want peace. Couple that with Hamas’ clear and unequivocal dedication to the destruction of Israel and the eradication of all Jews worldwide, and it’s no wonder at all that there is no peace in the region between Israel and the Arabs.

At this rate, there never will be, and the sooner the mealy-mouthed Catherine Ashton and the EU truly understand that, and the sooner that the rest of the world accepts that, the sooner we can all get on with our lives. If the EU and Obama want to impose peace on Israel and the PA, they need to stop supporting the parties that are absolutely unwilling to sit down and negotiate. That is NOT the Israelis.


3 thoughts on “What is so difficult for the “Quartet” to understand?

  1. John is correct in stating the obvious, but apparently the Quartet is as blind as all the powers that could make a change and have been for many years.There are reasions for their blindness. OIL and the enormous power of huge sums of money within the Arab world.

    How can any sane person justify the role of the Arab Rejectionist States over so many years? They will not recognize Israel or its right to exist. They lock themsevles into avoiding the growth of Israel’s economy and its contributions to the rest of the world.They ignore the reality of WEEKLY “GOOD NEWS FROM ISRAEL” with weekly reports of discoveries in so many fields that benefit mankind,except for the Arab world. Their Arab Spring has not brought freedom or economic growth so far.Their youth remains behind the rest of the world, while Israel continues to grow and prosper.
    There will be no peace unless the arab world decides it is time to change.
    Bob Poris

  2. John, this says it all, except for one item: what does the EU suggest be done to compensate the Jews who have been driven out of muslim-controlled countries and to persuade muslim lleadership and populations to deign to allow the “right of return” to the hundreds of thousands of Jews, and their offspring who were driven from those countries ?

    Your comment is concise and accurate, as far as it goes, and I’m delighted to be able to agree with you for a change.

    Paranoid Irv

    1. Irv – The EU doesn’t recognize that the Jews who fled or were driven out of the Arab countries ARE or WERE “refugees”. The EU will never make a suggestion about compensation because to them, it is a non-issue.

      In reality, it IS a non-issue. All those people, regardless of what and how much they gave up, are no longer “refugees”. They have integrated into societies all around the world, and have essentially given up any claims for recompense.

      While that is a hard view, it is probably the correct view and just the way it is.

      It should be EXACTLY the same for the Arab “refugees”, but it won’t as long as the Arabs, UN, UNWRA, etc. keep the Palestinians locked up in refugee camps and continue to convince them that one day, they’ll go “home” to Israel, kill all the Jews, and live on easy street.

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