After reading the essay by Martin Sherman at the following link today, I was moved to make a few comments.

I thought this was a great essay, and it conveys quite well my confusion with those on “The Left” who excoriate Netanyahu frequently for not somehow making peace.

I frequently wonder about those who demand that Israel’s government negotiate with the Palestinian “leadership”. Do they not comprehend that there is no one with which to negotiate?

If they negotiate with Abbas and reach an agreement, Abbas’ government would almost certainly fall, leaving any agreement hanging in the wind.

If they reach agreement with Abbas, Hamas (Gaza) has said quite forcefully that they will not recognize ANY agreements with Israel.

So, aside from the obvious point that Abbas and his government have steadfastly refused for years now to actually negotiate, unless Israel gives in to their demands (what are they supposed to negotiate about?), and Hamas has stated, categorically, over and over again, that they will not negotiate with Israel (and, to be fair, Israel won’t negotiate with Hamas, either, since Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel and killing of all Jews), with whom, precisely, is Israel supposed to negotiate?

My personal perspective is, and has remained, for years now, that Israel should determine what borders it wants or needs, should declare them, and should then withdraw any “settlers” beyond those borders. Then, they should tell the PA to go to hell. No more aid, no transfers of taxes, no open borders, no humanitarian missions, nothing. That includes Gaza. Close the borders, give them 90 days to get their electricity from Egypt or they can go back to the stone age (where Hamas apparently wants to go, anyway). No truckloads of basic foods and other goods through Israeli checkpoints. No passage, period. Closed border.

If they don’t like it, tough.  Let them get support from their Arab brethren, most of whom can’t stand them.

In what insane universe is a country required to support those dedicated to its destruction and the genocide of its citizens?