I confess to being confused by what Netanyahu’s opponents and detractors want him to actually do.

He has said, publicly, that he supports a two-state solution.

He has said, publicly (and repeatedly) that he is willing to sit down and negotiate with the PA, without pre-conditions.

With whom, specifically, and how, should he “sit down and negotiate”?  Who among the PA is willing to actually “sit down and negotiate”?

Is the consensus among his opposition that he should agree to Abbas’ and the PA’s demands (pre-conditions)?

Do they actually believe that even a large minority of Israelis would support such an action?

Bear in mind that those pre-conditions are that Israel agree to give up half of Jerusalem, return essentially to the 1948 armistice lines (euphemistically called 1967 “borders”, which they are not and never were), that Israel stop building in ALL “settlements” (which include communities that almost certainly would remain part of Israel), that Israel agree to a right of return to Israel of millions of Arabs, that Israel release hundreds or thousands of convicted murderers, and that they evacuate ALL Jews from East Jerusalem (which includes the Jewish quarter of the Old City) and the West Bank.  This is BEFORE any negotiations, mind you.

For those who fault Netanyahu for “not doing enough”, what, specifically, do you think he should do?  What would you consider “doing enough”?

I find it really confusing to try to understand what people like Tzipi Livni actually want, other than to be prime minister and control the government.

Like many, I am constantly amazed (and confused) by what the world expects Netanyahu to do, other than capitulate to conditions no Israeli government can accept without immediately being thrown out of office (and rightly so).

Netanyahu’s primary job is to protect Israel.  When and if the Palestinians want actual peace, I believe he will talk with them honestly, and will reach a compromise.

I do NOT believe that compromise will include the dismantling of the state of Israel, nor should it.

Compromise and negotiation takes two parties.  Neither one can do it on their own.  But, blaming Netanyahu for the lack of negotiations is ridiculous.  NO Israeli government, including one led by Livni, would agree to the pre-conditions that Abbas is demanding.  None.