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– Good News#506 7 June,2013

Private letter from Yosi Behar– No commercial intent

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  onlyGood Newsfrom Israel 

in brief


Israel hosts European soccer Championship


This is the first time Israel is hosting a tournament of this stature.

European Football Association UEFA President Michel Platini insistedthat the tournament take place in Israel despite Arab and pro-Arab countries pressure to bar Israel from hosting the 2013 championship.:” Israel earned the right to host this competition through a fair, democratic vote,” Platini wrote. ”I am sure that it will be a beautiful celebration of soccer that, once again, will bring peopletogether”, Said Platini.



52nd Annual Book fare


Israel’s Book Week started ( 5 > 15 June) in 50 cities attracts visitors not only for the discounts; Book Week fairs are offering a variety of cultural events along with the books – theater performances for children based on classic children’s books, meetings with authors, walking tours based on books and author’s lives, as well as special readings. 8000 new books were published in the last 12 months, ~1000 more than last year.



Boris Giltburg wins Queen Elisabeth piano contest


Israeli pianist Boris Giltburg, 28, has won the 2013 Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels, Belgium. The jury stressed that Giltburg has demonstrated perfect technical abilities, inventiveness and emotion.He received a prize worth€ 25,000 (~ $32,500). Two years ago, Boris won the 2nd prize in the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition.

Worth listening > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxmX4w_NxJU


Building of Ramon airport begins


Rona Ramon, widow of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, laid the cornerstone of the new Ramon International Airport at Timna, 19km north of Eilat. This airport willcope with tourism demand to Eilat and replace the existing runway at the heart of the city.The first new civilian airport since the founding of the state will take 4 years to construct and cost $ 460 million.8,000 new hotel rooms planned in the next 8 years – doubling the number to 20,000 – Eilat, the city on the Red Sea is desperately in need of better connectivity to boost tourism numbers.



Tourism.  Archeology:                                                                                                      

1st Temple era pillar found near Bethlehem


The pillar matched monumental construction from the 9th or 8th centuries BCE — the time of the First Temple in Jerusalem. That signaled the presence of an important and previously unknown structure from that period. More ancient Jewish archaeological remains have been discovered in Judea, providing additional proof of the unbreakable connection between the Jewish people and the land East of Jerusalem. The existence of a large water tunnel at the new site suggests the presence nearby of a large farm or palace. The construction is first-rate, there is definitely something important there from biblical times, the 9th or 8th centuries BCE.


*  *  *  *

; Americans love Tel Aviv

Comprehensive survey reveals US public favors Israeli metropolis over 3,150 other famous global brands.

The poll was conducted among 13,000 Americans by international company BAV Consulting, which every quarter presents the world’s most comprehensive brand index ranking companies, cities and countries according to different parameters. The company’s new brand index positions Tel Aviv as something different, fascinating, unique, daring and independent. Americansare familiar with Tel Aviv and know more about the city than they know about Brazil, India and Chile.  The State of Israel as a brand reached the sixth place out of 33 countries. It received the same score given to the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia. In 2007, Israel ranked 17th in the same survey. 



EasyJet promotes tourism to Tel Aviv

European low-cost airline easyJet to market Israeli metropolis abroad as top destination for young people. Company plans to double number of passengers on Tel Aviv-London route, add flights to Paris, Rome and Berlin.  The company is launching these days an aggressive marketing campaign in London, aimed at promoting tourism to Tel Aviv among young people and couples without children, under the banner “Go Big in Tel Aviv.”




Ryanair exec: We’ll bring 4-5 million tourists to Israel

“We’ll bring 4-5 million tourists a year to Israel. Ryanair has boosted the number of tourists in 28 countries in Europe and the world, and we intend to this in Israel too,” said Ryanair deputy CEO and COO Michael Cawley.



*  *

Economy & infrastructure;                                                                                                          

Export to Turkey jumps 44%

Exports of Israeli goods to Turkey (excluding diamonds) reached a new high in the first quarter of 2013, following a sharp increase of 44% from the same quarter last year, totaling some $560 million.The main export industry is chemicals and oil distillates, which made up about 75% of all exports to Turkey. Exports in all other industries (excluding chemicals and metals) rose in the first three months of the year by 22% compared to the same period last year: Exports of machinery and equipment (including in the printing, robotics, irrigation and food industries) increased by 30% to some $26 million, exports of engines and electrical equipment (including in the alternative energy, electronics rose by 158%.


*  *  *  *


Music Kids – Mazal Tov to Judith and David 


See this traditional wedding – in modern style >



Not so lone anymore

Amiel Abir (N.Y) and Talia Castelman (Boston) from the U.S. made aliyah to enlist in IDF as lone soldiers and found love among the pathways and groves of the kibutz Lavie in the Galilee. Now Amiel and Talia are set to tie the knot surrounded by family and fellow soldiers.  Read more > http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4388084,00.html



  ‘Netafim’ awarded Swedish water prize

    Over 10 million hectares of farm land around the world is irrigated with Netafim technology. Netafim, founded in 1965 by Kibutz Hatzerim, a world leader in drip irrigation technology, has won the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award. The award was given to Netafim for its contribution to sustainable water management, improved performance in production processes, new products and innovative approaches in water and wastewater technologies. http://www.netafim.com/      


Intel 4th generation processor

Intel Corporation unveiled its 4th-generation micro-architecture-based processor, named Haswell. The new processors, designed for ultra-books and tablets, were partly developed in Israel by a team of 80 experts. The Haswell is manufactured by 22-nanometer process and it extends battery life by 50% compared with the 3rd generation processors. This will give ultra-books more than 9 hours working time. The Haswell processor opens an ultra-book from sleep mode in 3 seconds. It also allows tighter integration of the video camera which identifies gestures for operating the computer…

8,000 people are employed at Intel’s development centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah Tikva, Yakum and Kiryat Gat.


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich; “Intel plans to hire 600 more employees in Israel”.


Lockheed Martin sets up Israeli R&D center


Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest defense company, will establish a development center in Israel. It will collaborate in building the IDF Intelligence Corp’s technology campus in the Negev, known as the 5/9 project. The company is changing its approach – Israel is not just a loyal customer of its planes and defense systems, but an arena for development activity.Lockheed Martin VP global solutions Robert Eastman; “The intention is to establish a local branch of Lockheed Martin in Israel. http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000849860&fid=1725


Apple to open development center

Apple Inc. will inaugurate the first entrepreneurship development center of its kind at the interdisciplinary arts and sciences Amal High School in Hadera next week. The outstanding students will develop iOS-based apps for iPads and iPhones.Apple has made available experts in technology innovation to train the teachers and students.

Apple Inc also donates Macs and iPads to provide the technology environment for developing apps.



Making trains safer worldwide

  Radwin, based in Tel-Aviv, developed a unique system designed for video surveillance on board trains in real time.  “Wireless broadband in motion” transmits High Definition video in real-time from multiple cameras onboard trains to a control center while the train is on the move.



Israeli water treatment system also in the UK

 Mapal sold its advanced sewage treatment system to Anglia Water, UK. Mapal uses a unique form of “fine-bubble aeration”, which decomposes waste using only 70% of the energy of other treatment systems. Mapal system already operates in South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Angola and Congo as well as in Israel.



 Rafael’s new Spice 250 glide bomb

Spice 250 follows previous bombs developed by RAFAEL, which added precision guidance kits to 2,000 Lb

and 1,000 Lb bombs, this time Rafael is supplying a complete system with accuracy of less than 10 ft.Spice 250 can be loaded with 100 optional targets in a given area up to 100 Km, with scene-matching algorithms. Spice bombs navigate to a target area up to 100 using INS/GPS guidance, before its electro-optical/imaging infrared sensor is engaged. Our F-15will be capable of carrying a maximum of 28 bombs to handle multiple targets.  



Israel Day parade in the heart of N.Y.

Thousands took part on Sunday in the annual Israel Day Parade in the heart of New York.


See > http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=To2bBbPb10k



Wishing you a very good weekend



Shabat Shalom from Israel

Yosi Behar