I agree with the writer (Justin Hayet).

Not too long ago, I had a dialogue with some of the people in the Israeli Consulate in Chicago about BDS, its supporters, what Israel is doing about it, and what we, and Jews living in the USA (or elsewhere in the diaspora) can do to help.

I was puzzled at how little information I was able to obtain, and what I did get required a number of emails.  They were not trying to be uncooperative, it simply was not, in any way, a priority for them.

I proposed figuring out who the financial supporters of BDS are and making the names of those individuals and companies well-known, but essentially was told that they really didn’t have much information.

As the writer, Justin Hayet, remarks, this SHOULD be a priority.  Just as Jews in America extend themselves to support Israel in the face of rapidly escalating and increasing anti-Semitism, outright hostility, and truly outrageous behavior, Israel needs to step up to the plate and help combat the forces arrayed against Jews, especially on college campuses where Arab money is spread around liberally and faculties are more and more biased against Israel.

I sincerely hope that the government of Israel will step up.  There are many of us who are ready and eager to help, but need some direction and support.  Some of us (anyone who knows me knows that I write a LOT about this) already do what we can, but we are unorganized and, in my opinion, not as effective as we could be.

Mr. Liberman?  The ball is in your court….