After reading about the attempts of American President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry’s to impose a stunningly lopsided ceasefire on Israel and Hamas, my initial reaction was “Are you kidding me?”

Essentially, the details of the ceasefire dictated that Hamas would remain in power, armed, and would win significant concessions from both Israel and Egypt, in the form of relaxed blockade conditions, open borders, and all the things Hamas has been complaining about for years.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a day when there is no blockade, Gaza is a thriving place with strong businesses and strong ties to both Egypt and Israel.

But, I believe that there are only a couple of ways to get there.

1.  Hamas can either realize, or the people of Gaza can “realize” for Hamas, that they are not going to destroy Israel and that their lives are going to remain miserable as long as they continue waging war on Israel;  Or:

2.  Israel can continue to pound Hamas and Gaza until number 1, above, happens.

Either way, Israel cannot, should not, and hopefully will not capitulate and allow the USA to dictate acquiescence to Hamas’ demands.

The ONLY way to peace is if both sides want it.  Israel wants peace, Hamas does not.  In spite of the many demonstrations around the world, I think that is clear. Some will certainly disagree with me, but they will be, as always, wrong.

Peace can be negotiated now, today, or it can be negotiated after further, significant pain on both sides.

Eventually, if Hamas does not understand and accept this, Israel will pound it into dust.

We used to have a saying about learning things the easy way, or the hard way.  Hamas is choosing the path of learning things the hard way.

So, why must I be a terrible person?

I’m a terrible person because, right now, my fervent desire is for Israel to punish Hamas sufficiently so that Hamas and its proxies are permanently eliminated as a threat, until the people of Gaza throw them out and tell Israel that they want peace.

I do not believe it will happen any other way.

If wanting Israel to continue pounding Gaza and being against any ceasefire agreement that prevents that from happening makes me a terrible person, then I suppose it must be true.