While watching the movie “Pearl Harbor” this evening, the thought occurred to me that it has been a long time since we, the USA, have been in a “declared” war with a clearly defined enemy, or enemies.

In WWII, the “Axis” was very clear. They attacked us, were discrete national identities, and swore to conquer us.  We were attacked, we declared war, we mobilized the population, we fought like tigers, and we won the war, eventually, at a very heavy cost.  Along the way, we killed many, many enemy civilians in far-off places like Japan and Germany, because we understood that the only way to prosecute and win the war was to break the enemy’s spirit completely, and cause him to surrender unconditionally.

Now, we see the forces of “Radical” Islam attacking all over the world.  They attacked us in 2001, on 9/11, killing more Americans than were killed at Pearl Harbor (look it up, if you don’t believe me).

We were gung-ho to go after Al-Quaida, since we identified them as the perpetrators, and along the way, became bogged down in “actions” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and to a degree, Pakistan. We’ve had skirmishes in other places, as well.

But, the Islamist forces are hard at work to conquer many places around the world. They are represented by “armies” that call themselves Hamas, Al-Quaida, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Haram, and many, many more. They are supported by states like Iran, Qatar, Syria, and others, and have as their goal the spread of their brand of Islam to the rest of the world.

This week, we saw ISIS declare that, Insha’allah, their flag will fly over the White House.

Israel faces attacks on their Northern border from Hezbollah, and from Gaza from Hamas, all with the stated goal of driving the Jews into the sea, of exterminating them.

We see mobs all over the world rioting over cartoons they deem offensive, over “genocide” when Israel goes after “fighters” embedded in civilian areas, and generally, over anything they deem offensive to Islam, which is pretty much any aspect of our Western civilization that doesn’t conform to Sharia law.

Under these circumstances, and given the broad scope of the wars raging all around the globe, is it incorrect to posit that we are actually, already in the midst of World War Three, even though we haven’t yet “declared” it or decided we have to fight it?

Iran is working hard to gain nuclear weapons, which they threaten to use against Israel.  Israel, as a Western-style democracy in the midst of hundreds of millions of Arabs, most Muslims, in the Middle East, is truly an outpost of the West, yet many in the West are ready to sacrifice Israel in the name of appeasement.  “Maybe, if we let that ‘shitty little country’ go under, the Islamists will be satisfied and forget about the rest of us.”.

I don’t think that’s true. The Islamists have very long-range plans.  They are very patient, and are willing to die for their cause.

I do think that we, the West, are in a war for the very survival of our way of life.

Defeat is not imminent, yet, but make no mistake.  Our enemy is very clearly “Radical Islam”, and they ARE out to get us.

It is going to be a long war, and it will become increasingly grim as time goes on.  

If we do not wake up to the fact that we are at war, and then summon the determination to decisively and conclusively defeat this enemy, our future generations will be praying to Allah. I fear that we are too unwilling to recognize the threat in time to mobilize and work together with other nations to overcome and preserve our freedom and heritage. I fear that we are too caught up in the rush to make the world “politically correct”, and to avoid any civilian casualties because fighting back would make us “war criminals”.  We have bought in to the lie that war can be “clean”, without casualties, and that “proportionality” is the over-arching goal, rather than decisively and conclusively defeating our enemy that we may live free.

Make no mistake, this is a world war, only we, as a Western Civilization, are unwilling to recognize it as such.  That could well be our downfall.