These are the inane, incredible arguments I hear, over and over again.  Not just from the “useful idiots” in general, but from people who should know better.

The other night, I watched as Jake Tapper of CNN interviewed Mark Regev, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spokesman, and essentially badgered him about Israel’s “disproportional” response to what Tapper thought was a minor inconvenience, clearly.

“How”, he asked, “could Israel justify the deaths of so many Palestinians in Gaza, when so few Israelis have been killed by the rockets?”.

This question makes me want to scream and yell.  I hear it frequently. It is the new rallying cry of the Israel-bashers.

They somehow believe that, if not “enough” Israelis are killed, Israel should not respond with the force necessary to stop the rockets. That they are only a “nuisance” and not really dangerous, since Israel has the Iron Dome, Bomb Shelters, warning systems, etc., and the rockets are not really that dangerous, not much more than firecrackers.

What infuriates me is that, without any doubt, these same people would be screaming for their governments to do “something” to stop rockets raining on their towns, and in all likelihood, would be peeing their pants in fear every time a rocket flew overhead.

The hypocrisy and vileness of this attitude is beyond galling.

My personal view is that “proportionality” in war is a mistake.  The object of war, which should always be a last resort, is to stop the threat against you.  When you are attacked, you should respond with the MAXIMUM force available to you in order to stop the threat.

Clearly, that doesn’t mean that if there is a cross border shooting every two years, you invade the country from which the shooting originated.  But, if there is shooting every day, a country is certainly entitled to do whatever is necessary to make it stop.  THAT is proportionality.

In the case of Israel and Gaza, clearly, Israel’s response has not been “proportional”.  What they have done is NOT ENOUGH, as it has not caused a cessation of rocket and mortar fire. Israel would certainly be justified in doing a tremendous amount “more”, but not to protect civilians in Gaza, as the world demands, but “more” to make the rockets stop.

Frankly, the idea that ANY country in the world would sit back and allow a neighbor to fire over 12,000 rockets between 2001 and 2014 (now over 15,000 rockets, including the latest war) without a major response, regardless of how many are killed or injured by those rockets.

And, to be clear.  Even ONE Israeli killed or injured by rockets launched deliberately and indiscriminately against Israeli civilians is too many, and is justification for massive retaliation.