The phrase “Never Again” has very strong emotional force for most Jews.

What we are seeing around the world now is reminiscent of what we saw in Germany (and other European nations) in the period following WWI. Of course, Jews have seen waves of anti-semitism for many centuries, although the phrase “Never Again” refers to the holocaust.

For those of us with strong senses of history and long memories, it is far from being an idle or empty phrase.

Today, it is FAR too acceptable to spread vicious rumors about “The Jews” – They control all the banks. It’s the Rothschilds. They drink Christian blood (that’s always a funny one, since Jewish law mandates elimination of ALL blood from food prior to eating it), they have a conspiracy to control the world, they are oppressing the poor, poor Palestinians and have stolen “their” land, etc. etc. etc.

These canards would be funny, were they not so widespread, along with acts of violence against Jews.

Today, we are seeing the beginnings of an exodus of Jews from Europe. These are people who have said “enough!” and are not willing to wait around while Muslim “migrants” overrun Europe, bringing with them virulent Jew-hatred and violence against Jews.

Enough. Never Again! Am Israel Chai!