I ran across this article this morning, and after reading it, thought it needed comment. While there are many similar articles out there, this one has any number of falsehoods, inaccuracies, and lies and caught my eye. Maybe it was the pretty picture at the top of the article…

The article can be found here:  http://mondoweiss.net/2015/02/hundreds-thousands-palestinians/

Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait.

OK. Got it?

Let’s go point by point. This may take a while.

  1. Re-read the first paragraph. That’s quite a first paragraph. Israel has withheld $240 Million in tax revenues to the PA as punishment for joining the ICC. I wonder if the fact that the PA owes the Israeli electric company (IEC) over $500 million and refuses to pay for their electricity has anything to do with it?

    The electricity was turned off for a whopping 45 minutes. Wow! That’s a serious hardship for the people essentially stealing electricity, especially as Robbins has highlighted that “BLIZZARDS SWEEP ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST”. “Blizzards”?  I had to laugh. They got a little bit of snow, but “blizzard”?  Not so much. But, ok, let Robbins have her hyperbole, it makes for better copy.  Here’s a link describing winter weather in Ramallah:  http://www.whatstheweatherlike.org/palestinian-territories/ramallah.htm  As you can see, they sometimes get a little snow, but it’s usually gone with 24 hours, just like Jerusalem. “Blizzards”, LMAO.

    Bottom line, though, is the IEC cut off the juice for 45 minutes to two cities as a warning that they need to get paid.

  2. I REALLY liked Robbins’ comment that “The irony here, of withholding the months of  tax revenue while demanding payment of a debt, on top of occupation policy preventing Palestinians from being self sufficient, is not lost on anyone.”
  3. Clearly, Robbins believes that the IEC has no right to expect payment for services contracted by and rendered to the PA, for which the PA has promised payment. She makes it seem as if it’s SO unfair to expect the PA to live up to a contract they signed, because the “occupation” prevents them from being self-sufficient. This, in spite of the many billions of dollars the PA gets in aid money and their “self-sufficience” in Area A of the West Bank where 90% or so of Palestinians live and are governed 100% by the PA.

    As I understand what she’s saying, she fully believes it’s Israel’s obligation to pay the PA’s electric bill. Really?

  4. Further in the article, Robbins repeats the same, tired lie that “Israel opened dams near the border of Gaza”, causing massive flooding in the Gaza strip. And, she calls this a “punitive measure”.

    There’s only one problem – there ARE NO DAMS. NONE.  If Robbins ever reads this, I would challenge her to name the dams that were opened. Show us where they are on a map. Show a picture of them. Of course, she can’t, since they don’t exist, as has been proven over and over and over again last year when this stupid claim was floated.

    Gaza is flooding because they have inadequate drainage systems, exacerbated by war damage. It has nothing to do with dams.

  5. Then, the kicker. Her very last line is “Remember last year when Israel caged Palestinian children in outdoor holding pens during freezing winter storms? ” She provides a link to another of her “articles” claiming this, with statements that it’s “widely known” that Israel tortures children.

    Sigh. What a load of horse manure.

    Yet another possibly well-meaning person sucked into believing everything bad about Israel and nothing bad about the PA, who thinks it’s her duty to inform the world that Israel is the most evil empire the world has ever seen.

    She claims to be a “human rights activist”, but frankly, I don’t think she would know a human right if it bit her…..

    Bottom line – this article is full of outright inaccuracies (I’m being kind) and worse. Robbins should get out of her ceramics studio and go see for herself. While I understand the use of hyperbole, her exaggerations are unconscionable, as words create images, and her images are pure, unadulterated crap.