My Perspective - John Poris

Commentary on subjects near and dear to my heart….


I am a middle aged, Jewish, American male with an eclectic, international background and perspective.

I am tolerant of others and their views, and expect tolerance of my views.

I have lived in several countries and have traveled extensively all over the world.  I’m well educated with Bachelor’s degrees in Near Eastern Studies and Languages and Electrical Engineering; and Master’s degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Business (MBA).   I tend to be fairly “multi-cultural” and enjoy getting to know other cultures.

I tend a bit to the right of “Center” politically, although these days, I’m not really sure what that means.  I highly value logic, eschewing emotional arguments.  I like data when making decisions.

I am NOT a member of any political party, nor do I wish to be – frankly, I think that our elected officials owe too much to special interests, and neither major party comes close enough to my views, overall, for me to support them.

I hope you enjoy reading my perspectives, and hope to hear from you!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Shalom John,
    First I was struck by the simple, elegant and accurate analysis of the Nitanyahu vs PA position on negotiations.
    YES we should put forward and promote our opening position as a goal of the Israeli government and people.

    Second; my required position is the acceptance by the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims of the legitimate historical claim of the Jewish people to ANY of the land between the river and the sea.
    THAT I believe is the essence of the conflict. (Everything else is commentary.)
    With out accepting that foundation we will always be thieves and therefore there can be no true reconciliation.
    Third; where in USA are you?


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